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I leave for England next Sunday.  One week to go!  I'm both excited and nervous.

Money is still really, really tight.  Even though I called my bank and talked to them about my mortgage, and how I'm having trouble right now, I'm still getting nasty "Pay now or else!" letters.

For the record, I was having trouble before buying the tickets for England.  I've been having trouble ever since I purchased the house.  Everyone says the first few years are always the hardest, but I think it's just that my job doesn't pay me enough for my positiion and that I have too many expenses.  I think when I get back I'm going to have to get a second job again.  I've been looking for a new job, but it has to pay me equivilent or more than what I make now, and those are proving harder to find.

I really am looking forward to seeing my sister, but I'm also anxious becuase I just know she's going to be harping on me about finances.  I'm trying not to let that dampen my vacation.  I want to have fun!  There are a lot of things we can do that don't cost money.  I guess I'm just frustrated.

So, in that spirit, I'm scrapping all my diginity and posting the link to my GoFund me one more time.  I know a lot of people aren't able to give, so if anyone could pass the link around?  It's honestly more about having money to pay the bills when I get back than the trip itself now.  


Not really a whole lot else to report.  I haven't been able to go out and do anything becuase I've been saving literally every dime and penny for this trip.  But that's all right.  I have cable, and I've been watching a lot of movies.

My computer is a little off, but I'm hoping it just needs to have the dust shaken out of it for it to work properly again.  Fingers crossed.

Take care, everyone!
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But I've created a Go Fund me page.  I'm not expecting much from it, but I figure it can't hurt.  So if anyone can spare a dollar or two, I would much apprecitate it..  Otherwise, good thoughts and prayers are always welcome!


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I'm probably the worst blogger ever.  I've accepted this.   I do read your journals every day, and try to comment.  But sometimes just existing is about all I'm good for lately.

I think I mentioned that I had adopted a rescue dog several months ago, and she turned up pregnant.  The puppies are 9 weeks old now, and even though they're cute, I can't wait to be back to only one dog.  She had three puppies, all healthy and perfect little monsters.  I've a home for one of them, and possibly the second.  I need to find a home for the little girl.  I'll miss them, but I just don't have the energy for a puppy.  I want my computer room back, and to not have to clean up dog mess all day.

Money is also horribly tight right now. My cable and internet was turned off this morning, since I can't pay the bill until I get paid next week.  A few weeks ago my power was turned off, and a month before my gas.  I'm barely hanging onto things as it is.  Without the help of my mom I would have been screwed several times over.  She doesn't know how bad things are, but the other day I came home to find she had bought me groceries.  I actually started crying, I was so thankful.

I'm so overwhelmed right now, it's rather hard to be positive, but I'm trying.  I was able to purchase my ticket to England, but since round trip was too expensive, I bought a one way and figured I would purchase another one way back.  For some reason, though, the one way back from England is even more expensive than the round trip!  So I'm juggling expenses to try and figure this out.  I still have a mortgage to pay, and bills.  Sigh.

And before anyone suggest I not go, forget it.  This is the one thing that's been keeping me going when all I want to do is curl up and give up. I may not have a lot of money when I go, but I'm looking forward to getting away from my shitty job, to visitng my sister and friends and doing something that isn't confined to my house or work.  I just have to hold out a bit longer, and play adult tetris with my finances.

I think once the last puppy is gone I'll breath a bit easier.  They're a big drain on my finances and energy, even if they are adorable.
Take care, everyone.  I'm thinking of you all.
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I'm still alive!  I know it's been forever since I posted.  I kept meaning to, and then I would get home, or go to write, and nothing seemed worth mentioning.  But looking back on the last few months, I realize a lot has happened.

About a month ago my brother's girlfriend, who works as a vet tech, urged me to take a rescue dog home "to try out for the weekend."  One weekend turned into two, then three.  And then we found out this adorable dog was pregnant.   I'm still shaking my head that they hadn't checked before they gave her to me, but oh well.  She's currently staying with another of the vet techs until she has her puppies, then she's coming back to me.  As soon as possible, they're going to spay her.

Colonel, my cat, gets along with her pretty well, in which I mean he sees her and doesn't panic.  Mostly he just tries to avoid her and if she gets in his face he smacks her.

Work goes apace. They hired a new girl to take over referrals, which was what I had been doing the past two months.  Not gonna lie, I want to claw her eyes out half the time.  She's condesending and doesn't listen when I try to explain to her what the process is.  I figure, if she wants to mess of things, then on her head be it.  I'll do my job and give her enough rope to hang herself.

Also, I admit I'm pretty bitter that, after being referral coordinator for 2 months, they took the job away from me without comment. There was no, "Oh, by the way..."  It was just one day this girl showed up and started trying to tell me how to do my job. Ugh.

So, yeah, looking for new work. I'm tired of working for a company that doesn't have the curtesy to communicate with me.  Hopefully something will pop up in the next few months.

The house is doing well, but I'm still a bit bogged under by all the yardwork.  Also, I'm a total goober and forgot to pay the gas bill, so it was turned off yesterday. Now I have to scramble to find out how I'm going to be at home for when they come to turn it back on. I can't tell my mom because I'll get the lecture on how to adult, and I already feel like a dork.  Yes,  I fail at adulting.

In other news I've started to go to the gym again.  I'm trying to get back into shape so that when I go to England in October I'll be able to walk around without trouble.  Right now my legs and hips are bothering me when I walk, which is part being out of shape, part RA.  I figure I have three months to get my butt in gear, so wish me luck!

That's about all I can think of right now.  I'll try and post more later.  I saw Mad Max, and Spy last weekend and loved them both.  Any comments on either? 
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May the Fourth be with you!

star wars
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] shirebound!  You're one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring people I know.  Thank you for all you've done, both in fandom and as a friend.


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I found out a few years ago that eating gluten triggers my migraines, so I try to eat gluten free.  Imagine how happy I was when I went to the store yesterday and saw some gluten free English muffins!

I was so excited this morning when I put them in the toaster.  I was thinking dreamily of light, crunchy Enligh muffins with a touch of butter and jam.

I just took my first bite and these... These are not those English muffins.  I don't know what these are, but they are NOT English muffins.  Maybe English rocks.  Perhaps English cardboard.

Oh, gluten free, you're so evil! 
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Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I had a great birthday.

I've been feeling rather sick and run down ever since, though, sigh.  I called my RA doctor today to see about taking some prednisone to see if that will help, as my neck has been so stiff and sore it hurt so even move it.  It's also been contributing to my migraines.  I feel like I'm a rag doll, falling apart at the seams!  Sheesh.

I saw the Hobbit on Saturday and loved it, wonderfully done.  A lovely way to end the trilogy.

Not much else going on, I'm afraid.  I usually come home from work and just crash recently.  Hopefully if they start me on a new medication I'll have more energy again and won't feel sick and tired all the time.  That would be nice.

Hugs you all!
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Hello, all!

Well, so far my resolve to post more often has been a bit... lacking. Hopefully I'll do better from now on.

Today is my birthday, and even though I have to work (curse you, adulthood!) it's been pretty good so far.  One of my friends got me a Reeses heart, so I've had my chocolate/peanut butter fix lol.

I actually celebrated on Saturday due to everyone's schedules being wackadoodle, but my mom is taking me out for dinner tonight, which will be nice.  Overall, just a nice, quiet day.

Things have been pretty quiet all around. I've been working a lot, then coming home and crashing, as I also haven't been feeling well.  Rather than whine and moan on here about the same old same old, I figure it's best to just leave off. Can't tell if it's the RA or the meds that treat the RA, but I'm a bit tired of being sick and tired.  Oh, well.  It is what it is.

Christmas was lovely, with my sister flying in to surprise my mom and staying for a week.  I finally took my Christmas decorations down on Saturday, so the house is back to boring normal.

What else? I haven't seen the last Hobbit movie, though I'm planning to this Saturday.  I did see the Immitation Game, and loved it.  Benedict Cumberbatch is truly an amazing actor.  I have almost enough saved up to buy my ticket to England, so I'm just waiting until it's a bit closer to Oct to purchase it.  Can't wait to see him in Hamlet!

That's pretty much it on my end.  Hope you all have a great day!
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Merry Christmas to all my friends who celebrate, and to those who don't I hope you have a wonderful day of rest, peace, and love.

Thank you to everyone who sent me a Christmas card. I'm not at home at the moment and don't have the list, but I'll edit later with the names. I'm very thankful to every one of you.

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Hello, hello, hello!

I know, I'm a bad journaler.   I haven't been around in ages. I'm sorry.  Hopefully this next year I'll be around more, and have a bit more things to say other than, Went to work, came home, played with kitties.  :)

Anyway, if any of you want Christmas cards, leave a comment with your address. I have  a list from previous years, but if you've moved, or if you've friended me recently, you may want to add your name.  I didn't send cards last year, it was too stressful, but this year I'm wanting to get them out.  The comments will be screened.

Love you all!

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To all my US friends at home and abroad, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope your day is filled with friends, family, love, laughter, and above all, lots of good times and food.

To everyone else for whom today is just a Thursday, I hope your day goes swiftly and well!

Love you all!
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I know it's been a long while since I last posted.  I guess a lot has happened, and yet it feels like not much has happened at all.

I supposedly got a raise at work, which I'm still waiting to see go through.  [livejournal.com profile] nodbear, amazing person that she is, managed to get tickets to next year's Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, so I am planning to fly out across the pond to visit and see that.  I'm really excited, and use that to carry me through whenever things get too down.

My house is coming along fine.  My mom came over the other day and helped me whack the bushes and one particular tree into shape.  It now resembles a yard rather than a jungle.  I'm hoping to post some pictures soon.

Also, I took a second job as a caretaker, to help cover some bills and make things a bit easier.  I don't have very much free time now,  but it's worth it to be able to have a little extra money set aside on payday.

On the downside, two friends of mine are currently in hospital. One with pancreatic cancer, another who suffered a stroke.  The second isn't expected to recover.  I lost a childhood friend a few months ago, to Kidney Cancer.  This year is turning out harder than I thought it would.

I thought I had more to say, but can't really think of anything.  I hope you're all doing well, and I have been following your blogs.  I just don't always have time to reply.  Take care, everyone!

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The state of me.  A lot has happened the past several months, and some of this is rehash, so I'm putting it under a cut to spare your LJs.

Read more... )
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About two months after dad died I received a phone call from one of my aunts, letting me know he had had a life insurance policy.  The only reason we were told was because one of the aunts had tried to claim it, but wasn't listed on it.  My sister, mom, and I were.  So since December we've been fighting with this company trying to get this straightened out.

Finally, the check came the other day.  But only one, and with just my name on it.  So we don't know if my sister is going to get a check as well, or what the hell is going on.  My mom, apparently, isn't getting anything, even though she was listed, because my parents were divorced, which is beyond complete and utter bullshit, but that's a rant for another day.  My brother wasn't listed because my dad got the policy before he was born and never changed it.  The plan now is to just divide the money 4 ways.

It's not a lot of money, a pretty small amount, actually, but it will help all of us, if they company actually does it right and sends us the right amount.  So tomorrow I have to call them up and see if they're sending a second check to my sister.  I am so tired of this.  Why can't it be simple?

Not much going on.  I'm supposed to be starting a new position at work, but have been in limbo for the past two weeks while they figure out what they're doing.  Very frustrating.

I think I just need a very long vacation. 
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I'm not disappeared!  Sorry I kind of vanished after my last post, things got... interesting.

Work has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  First they got horribly worse after my meeting with HR, in which a large portion of the office treated me like shit, including my boss.  Then they got better, when said boss got transferred to a different department!  Ever since she left, things have been better in many ways, and just as bad in others.

I'm a lot more relaxed now, and even though the gossip and back biting is still just as bad, I'm able to ignore it a bit better, now that it isn't being endorsed by those who have power over me.  Plus, I had a meeting with the big boss on Friday, and from what I could understand, he's going to be moving me into a different position.  I'm hoping this means no more receptionist, and that I can focus on the new work, because that would be awesome, but I may have misunderstood.  I'll know more tomorrow.

Today was rather horrid, in that the AC at work was broke.  We had to reschedule all our cases, for health and safety reasons, so basically I ended up sitting at the front desk for 8 hours, twiddling my thumbs and occasionally answering the phone in a sweltering hot office.  I am so wearing a tank top and shorts tomorrow, since it's not supposed to be fixed until tomorrow afternoon, at the earliest. Ick!

Other than that, things have been pretty boring for me.  I've been feeling pretty lousy physically, mostly due to the medications, so I've been spending a  lot of time sleeping or resting on the couch or reading.  I want to get out and do more stuff around the house, but my shoulders and wrists hurt too much most days, or I feel too sick and dizzy to do much.  I don't want to complain, though. I know there's a lot of people with it so much worse than me, so I'll just continue being boring and catching up on fanfic.
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So, I've probably done something stupid.  But it was something I felt that had to be done.

The situation at work has been getting pretty ridiculous.  Gossip flows like water, and I hate having to listen to them disparage whoever happens to be out of the office that day.  Lord knows what they say about me when I'm not there.

But things reached a head yesterday. I just... I couldn't deal with it anymore.  One of the ladies, her grandma died, and she took three days bereavement, plus an extra half day. She had the time, we haven't been super busy, it wasn't a big deal.   But they were sniping about her, questioning why she took the full three days, saying she couldn't do her job, that she wasn't doing her job right so it was a good thing she was gone because the gal who was covering her was finding all her mistakes, and so forth and so on.

It was just too much, so I wrote to the HR director, and told her point blank that the office was a den of absolute unprofessionalism, gave her examples of some of the things which had been going on, and explained I just wanted to bring it to her attention.  Now I have a phone meeting scheduled with her tomorrow, after I get off work, and I have no clue what to expect.  I've never talked to this lady, as she works out of Seattle and our office is 4 hours away.

I'm afraid of the repercussions, of my boss flying off the handle and making my life even more miserable than it already is, or even losing my job.

But I don't regret it, and I won't apologize for it.  It may have been a stupid move on my part, and I will admit that up front. But I hope something good comes of this, that maybe things will change, and even if I do lose my job, it will be for the better.  I don't know.  I do know that I couldn't stay quiet any longer.

My dad always said my mouth would get me in trouble, and he was right.  But honestly?  Sometimes I welcome a little trouble, if it means I can look myself in the mirror and know I did the right thing. 
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] shirebound!


I hope you have a lovely day filled with laughter, sunshine, and lots of Pippin snuggles!
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Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know I'm still around.  I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. I just... I don't really do anything. I'm so broke right now that I pretty much just go to work, come home, watch TV, play on the computer, and go to bed.  Though now it's getting a bit warmer outside, I'm hoping to do some planting and yardwork.  I still can't believe I have a yard!

I love my house. I don't think it's really sunk in that it's MINE.  I can paint the walls if I want, I can rip out the bathroom sink and replace it with something else, I can plant whatever flowers and vegetables I want.

Granted, I'm still broke as a broke as can be, but that's all right.  I'm trying to take it all in stride, and just ride it out.  I know things will get better eventually, it's just holding on until they do.

I think I've beaten the ants.  I still one or two of them on the counter, but overall I think I got rid of the hoard.  Fingers crossed!  I really hate ants!

Not much else is going on.  Still looking for another job, and just doing my best to not strangle my boss at the current one, lol.  I hope everyone is doing all right.



Mar. 17th, 2014 05:47 am
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Got up this morning at 4:45 as I'm covering for one of the girl's at work.  Working 6:30 to 3, which is kind of nice.  However, I had a headache when I woke up, and when I went into the kitchen to grab some water to take my meds, I wasn't quite all with it.  Which is why it took me a moment to realize the counter was covered with ants!

I am very proud that I did not scream.  I did, however, get the hell out of there, took my shower, and then went back in there and killed the little fuckers.  Then I spritzed the entire counter and cabinets with salt water.

Tonight I need to go to the store and get some cinnamon oil to sprinkle around the place.

Ants, I will not let you win!!

*Shakes fist*


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