May. 24th, 2016


May. 24th, 2016 12:42 pm
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Hey, look, it's only been a month since I last posted!

Things are going.  I talked to a lawyer about bankruptcy.  I have to be caught up on my house payments before I can do that, which, yeah, eaiser said than done.  Sigh.  But once that's taken care of, I can go ahead and file.  To file, though, is going to cost me $1350.  I think that's one of the stupidest things.  Like, hello, I'm obviously poor and struggling, or I wouldn't be doing this, but charge me an arm and a leg anyway.  It's OK, I can just limp along.

I'm hoping I can get everything taken care of by July, which means, hopefully, by Christmas it will all be said and done.

I'm still looking for a new job.  I've had a few bites, but they both fell through.  So I just need to keep putting resumes out and hoping for the best.

My back yard is (mostly) finished.  Here's a picture to prove it!


I have tomato plants and marigolds in my flower box, and carnations.  Still trying to figure out how to get the dogs to stop digging, but I think it looks pretty good.

Nothing else really going on.  Oh, except I wrote a short Sherlock Holmes fic for Holmestice.  It's only 1000 words or so, but it's the first time I've really written anying in a while.  I'm hoping it's just the first of many.

Take care everyone!


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