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I have returned!

The trip was wonderful, very busy and fun and just what I needed to feel alive again.  My sister and I got along the whole time, which is amazing.
The first day I was there my plane came in about 1pm.  I had been up about 24 hours, but I was game to staying up until late, so we walked around Picadilly and went to Portabello Road to see some Banksey.  We found a wonderful little cafe called, I think, Coffee Republic, where they had apple chai lattes, only the best thing ever invented! We wandered around some more, then went back to our hotel and watched TV and ate finger food until I pretty much passed out.

Tuesday, we went to the Churchill Museum, the Crime Museum, which was on display from Scotland Yard's Black Museum, and  the Clink, London's oldest prison.  We ate out, and wandered around some more, and by the end of the day got more finger food and camped out at the hotel.  On Wednesday we went to Spittlefield market.  I bought a jacket and some presents, and we ate cake and chocolate and just had fun.

Thursday I went to visit [livejournal.com profile] nodbear.  We had  a lot of fun at the Kew Archvies on Friday, where we found some interesting bits about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Saturday was Hamlet day!  It was amazing, watching Benedict Cumberbatch play Hamlet.  He was so energetic and the time just seemed to slip past.  What an astounding show to see, and with lovely people!

Sunday I headed back to London, where my sister and I saw the 1916 Gillette Sherlock Holmes.  This is the one where the actor asked Doyle if he could make Sherlock Holmes fall in love, and Doyle pretty much told him to do whatever he pleased.  Yay for author consent to make fanfic!  The show was fantastic, with a piano player, violinist and percussionist to accompany the silent film.  It was about 2 hours long with English subtitles, since the version found had the French cards explaining the action.   It was just lovely!

Monday we had manicures and then went to Bletchley Park and saw where Alan Turing worked and the engima code was cracked.  By the time we got back to my sister's place, though, I was starting to get a sore throat.

Tuesday I didn't really do anything but stay inside, becuase I was fighting a stuffy nose, horrible cough and sore throat.

Wednesday I forced myself out to go to the V&A and wander about a bit, and then Thursday I had lunch with my sister one last time and was off.  Oh, how quickly two weeks past!

Iceland was very beautiful and cold, and I think I may have appreciated it more if I wasn't fighting bronchitis.  I'm still not feeling good, and am hoping I am up for work tomorrow.  I'm still coughing and feeling generally like a bus ran over me.  But oh, the trip was worth it!  Such a wonderful holiday, I'm so, so very thankful I went.

Thank you to everyone who helped, with support, encouragement, and financial. I love you all so very much, you are amazing.

Take care, everyone. I'll try to post pictures in a bit.
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