Creator’s Workshop (RBB Edition)

Apr. 12th, 2019 08:02 am
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We know many of our creators are busy right now with their Reverse Bang Collaborations. How is it going? Are there any research topics that give you a headache? It there something you're pondering or stuck on? Date claims are coming up, so it's time to assess your progress? Sprawling epic out of control? Already finished? Need cheering or help?

Or are you preparing for Endgame? What things are you trying to get out before the movie hits?

Here's the place to direct all your questions (no judgement, no shame!), offer help, share some advice, cheer people on, or just chat about your current projects. Let everyone know what you're working on, and if your fellow fans and creators can be of any assistance!

Cap-IronMan Events this Month:

Additional Resources:
If you know of any other resources, let us know!

This post will be running all month, so be sure to drop by if you have any questions or advice to pass along! To keep track of all new comments in this post, click the bell at the top of this post.
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The trailers have dropped! Tickets are on sale! So, how about you? Steve/Tony fans, are you excited? Worried? Can't wait for it? Are you desperately trying to finish fanworks before canon gets in the way of your ideas with the Endgame that will spell out the end of this Marvel cinematic era as we know it?

Share your feelings with us and come and join the…

From April 15 to April 24, we will run a 10 day countdown to commemorate MCU's Steve Rogers and Tony Stark! The countdown is open to absolutely everyone in Steve/Tony fandom. Come and share your hopes and fears for the new movie, any Steve/Tony thoughts and desires for the future of the fandom or your favorite moments from the past. You can contribute meta, recs, or newly made fanworks like fanfiction, fanart, gifsets, image edits, videos (and more!)

A final round-up will be compiled after Day 10 to collect all of your posts and fanworks! Expect the round-up on the 26th, which is when other parts of the world will also get to see it. (If you want to put up some more works in time before the round-up you're welcome. We will keep reblogging until the round-up is compiled.)

Let's pour it out for the MCU and celebrate Steve and Tony in style in honor of their MCU finale!

To participate…

How to participate… )

Endgame Spoiler Policy and Party/Discussion Post

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Avengers: Endgame — Prompt Party

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