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One day isn't going to hurt, is it?  I mean, sure, I had popcorn.  And gelato.  But it was only a small bit of gelato! And the popcorn was in place of lunch.  

*Face palm*

I haven't gone for a walk the past few days as it's been pouring rain, and I'm very lazy and like my creature comforts.   Cold, windy rain is not fun.  I do feel bad, though, that I haven't gone to the gym.  The fact that it's almost a 20 minute drive is the main reason, but also because I've been having trouble waking up before 10am.  

Anyway, I hope the weather clears up a bit later on and I can go for a walk, work off some of that food, lol.  If nothing else, I'll drag my sorry butt to the gym tomorrow for a good workout.  I always feel better after, and at least I'll know I made an effort.  

To all my friends in London, take care and be safe.  I know the bomb threat has probably passed, but please be safe.  

I'm going to watch some more Sherlock Holmes.  Today is my third day of a three day weekend, and I've been watching my Ronald Howard Sherlock Holmes. I found the whole season for only $5!  I love Hastings!  I'm on the last disk now, and I must say, I'm really loving this show!  Too bad the director's wife is crazier than a March Hare!  
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And signed up.  I had a special offer, so the enrollment fee was waived, and I don't start paying dues until May.  It's only $20 a month, and I figure this way, since I'm paying for it? I'm totally getting off my ass and doing it.  Plus, I can cancel any time, I just have to give 30 days written warning. 

I have a little exercise trampoline I've been working out on, but I want more, and the special included a free consult with a personal trainer.  So I have my consult on Monday, and I figure if I can get in 3 times a week, I can totally loose the weight I want by summer. Even if I loose only 2 pounds a week, I can totally be down 40 pounds by July.  I know it won't be easy, but I'm going to try.  

But don't expect me to give up chocolate.  Hell no!  I'll eat healthy and everything else, but don't try to take my chocolate!

Anyway, I'm hoping this is going to work, so wish me luck!  *Fingers crossed*

I can see!

Feb. 28th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Or, I will be able to, when I get my new glasses in!  No contacts for right now, as I couldn't afford both, and I hadn't realized how off my perscription was until I could actually see again!  However, he did put them in my eyes so I could see what they are like, and he said if I do decide to get contacts, they would only be for partial wear, as with my job staring at a computer for over 8 hours a day they wouldn't work out.  

For those of you who wear contacts, my hat is off!  It didn't hurt or anything, but wow, that was weird!  I think they would be good for when I want to dress up and show off my eyes, but otherwise I don't think I would wear them very much, lol.  Still, I like that I have the option.

I like my new frames, they're fun and pretty at the same time.  And I'll be able to see!  Apparently, my astigmatism went from diagonal to vertical. Not sure how that happened, lol.  

Still working out plans with my sister.  She apparently told my mom she wants to go to Poland for 4 days?  I'm not sure how excited I am about that idea. On the one hand, it would be great to see if we could find any family who lives over there still, or at least what happened to them in WWII.  On the other hand, I only have 10 days, 9 with the day lost to traveling, and I want to meet a lot of you and just relax and have fun. Soooo... I'm not sure. I may have to tell her next year!  Or maybe shave it down to 3 days.  We'll see.  Plus, I have to be able to afford it, and money is going to be a little tight as is.  I won't have a whole lot to spend, but I'll have enough to buy some trinkets, pay for transport, and dinners out.  I'll have more information the closer I get to going over.  OMG, I'm so excited!

Also, I've been trying to work out every day.  I know it's not a kick ass workout, but I figure a little is better than nothing.  So my goal is to lose 10 pounds before I go over, because I doubt there's any way I can lose the 30 that I really want to.  Still... I'm working on it!  

I'm still torn between if I want to cut my hair. I think it's cute the way it is, but I can't do much with it. And I really like how I look in a bob.  So I'll think on it a bit more and decide mid March what I want to do.  That way I can either just get it trimmed or get it cut before I go over.  

Still dealing with writer's block. Urgh! It feels like all my creativity went down the drain. I tried to write this weekend and just kept deleting everything.  Sigh. 

Take care all!  *Hugs*


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:19 pm
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Hello, everyone!  Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but Christmas has been taking its toll on me, and I don't want to fill up my list with my whining.  I've been trying to keep my spirits up and not be depressed by the crazy customers or the fact I  have to work a regular shift on Christmas day.  Yeah, still feeling the sting of that one.

But my family is going to be celebrating on Christmas Eve, so I'm trying to stay upbeat and just enjoy the season as much as I can. 

So, enough of that.

The cats are doing well, and I'm doing all right.  My stomach is still being touchy, and I'm trying to take it one day at a time and not worry that I'll never be 100% again.  I have good days that are becoming more, so I'm going to be happy about that and deal with the pain when I have to.

My apartment is all decorated, I have pumpkin eggnog in the fridge, and since I'm working from home I can have all the Christmas music or movies on in the background that I can stand.  Plus, my two little monsters are keeping me company!

Also, I talked to my manager and asked about the possibility of being able to work from home a few days a week and coming in to the building the others.  I think that would be a great way to keep my stress down and save on gas, but also get me out of the apartment and around people.  I don't know if I will be able to, but the question has been asked and they're looking into it for me.  

Also also!  I talked to my sister yesterday and it turns out March will not be a good time for me to visit, as she will be trying to survive finals and essays out the wazoo.  So I'm going to head over in April.  Now I have to find out if I want to arrange to be there for the royal wedding, or skip that madness and go a bit earlier to miss it, but still get some of the excitement.   Any thoughts from my England friends?

I'm really looking forward to seeing her and London again.  And also meeting some of you who have been so amazing to me, but who I have never met face to face.  My sister said pretty much anytime after the first week in April, so anyone have any ideas? 

I'm also looking forward to meeting her boyfriend.  He's a royal marine and will have just come back from Afghanistan.  He sounds like a very nice man who is treating my sister well, but I think it would be great to just meet him!  I didn't even meet my sister's ex-husband until right before her wedding, lol!  Not that they are anywhere near there.  They have only been dating for a few months. But still....

I'm looking forward to visiting some of the pubs near where she lives and trying not to make a fool of myself.  My sister is a drinker, and so are a lot of her friends.  I am not.   We're very much two totally different people, and we don't go in the same circles at all.  But still...  I think it will be fun!

Also, going in April will give me more time to lose the weight!  I still have my heart set on losing 30 pounds before I head over.  I know I can do this!  I just have to really work at it.  My main problem is getting out and exercising.  Recently I've been so tired that's it's a struggle just getting out of bed in the morning.  Part of it is the cold weather, and another is fighting depression.  But I think once Christmas has passed, I'll feel a lot better and able to take on the world!

Plus, I'll have more vacation time saved up, and more money, lol!

So, this is where I stand right now.  I've sent out the most of my Christmas cards, just have to get a few more stamps and then the rest will be shipped out.  I have all but one of my presents bought, and I'm just hoping to survive in relatively good spirits.

Anyway, not much else to report!  I'll be starting to post my massive Holmes epic probably next week (SQUEE!!) and I'm getting excited about that.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and you are all doing well.  Take care!


Nov. 13th, 2010 01:27 am
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Hi, all!

I'm still alive.  I haven't really been doing anything much lately except work and sleep and work.  The new schedule is still throwing me off. I like being able to sleep in, but getting off at 10 makes it hard to get to sleep much before midnight, and I find myself sleeping until abut 10.  I'm trying to get my body used to going to be at midnight, getting up at 9, and then going for a long walk.   I still want to lose 30 pounds before I go to England, so hopefully I can keep this up. I have to keep watching my diet, too.  Not eating out, which I can't really afford anyway, and eating healthy.

In other news, OMG, I'm almost finished with my giant Holmes story!  It's a little over 80000 words now, and will probably end up abou 85000.  Umm.  Would anyone like to beta it for me?  It goes from PG-13 to NC-17, which is a first for me, but I don't think it's too bad.  Or does anyone know where I can find a beta? I figure once I get it finished and have someone do  a look over I can start posting.  Yay!

Also, on the Sherlock front, I got a new jacket!  Or, well, actually, I don't have it yet, I put it on layaway, but I'll have it next payday!  It's really warm, and so pretty!  It's a deep gray wool, almost military.  I'll have to take a picture when I get it and show you all my new coat! Really, I haven't had a new coat in, goodness, years. I love my military trench coat, but it doesn't fit me very well now that I've gained weight.  I was 40 pounds lighter when I first got it, after all.  But I call this new one my Sherlock coat because it kind of looks like the coat Benedict Cumberbatch wore in the new Sherlock series.  Heee.  I'm such a geek!  

Not much else going on, really.  In a sudden urge to be productive I've gone back and started tagging my journal, because I'm horrible and didn't tag ANYTHNG!  So that's being fixed.  It's been kind of weird, reading all my old posts.  I've been posting since 2004, so there's been a lot of stuff to tag!  I'm in 2009 now, though, so almost done! 

OK, I hope everyone is doing all right.  Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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Hello, all! I hope everyone is having a lovely day.  For my fellow Americans, I hope your Labor Day is a nice day off.  If you have it off. And if you don't, I hope you get paid loads for working today.

I - in a fit of boredom and wanting something to do, dyed my hair red.  Which didn't go exactly as planned.  I'm not sure what happened, since I'm pretty sure I completely saturated my hair with the color.  But there are long streaks of my regular color, so I think I may have to go back and buy another box and just completely soak my head in it.  It doesn't look bad, and I like the color.  But - I feel a bit like a zebra.  

Also, making my very first roast in the crockpot today.  Not sure how it's going to turn out, since the crockpot is smaller than I remembered, and i in order to get the potatoes, onions and carrots in the pot, I had to put the roast in first and then fill it with water.  So now the roast is totally submerged.  Hrrrrmmm.  I'm thinking it may be more like a soup than a roast.  Oops.  

Anyway, not much going on.  I'm going to try and work some more on my story.  I'm at 47000 words now, and it is by far the longest story I have ever written.  Only the boys have been rather silent lately, and I'm not sure why.  Have to try and pry the story out of my head.  Chocolate should be an appropriate bribe to the muse.  

And speaking of which, kind of, I'm going to check out eliptical machines today.  I have trouble getting to the gym because of my schedule, and an eliptical is one of the things I can use for hours and not have it aggravate my knee or back.  Hopefully my stomach will get with the program, too.    But for now I'm just looking at prices and sizes and such.  I have the perfect place for it, and honestly, I know that if I spend money on it, I will work my butt off, literally.  So, yeah.  The goal is to lose 30 pounds by March.  We'll see if I can get there.  I'm already trying to eat right and cutting out a lot of junk and stuff. But the exercise is the one thing I really have to work on. Wish me luck!

Have a great day, everyone!

I suck

Aug. 21st, 2007 06:40 pm
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Classes started again yesterday, and since then I have had three candy bars, two bags of chips, and two McDonald's cheeseburgers. I am completely disgusted with myself.

It's not even like I was scraping through the vending machines because I didn't have time to grab food. It's been more along the lines of me looking at the nine textbooks I had to buy yesterday and thinking, "Oh, shit! Where's the chocolate?"

Does anyone have any hints on how to stop this? I know I eat when I get stressed, and I can already tell that this semester is going to be bad. I really don't want to gain back the weight I lost, but I seem to have no self control lately.

Gods, what do I do?
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I had an almost crappy day. Not a real crappy day, but one of those that hovers on the edge and makes you crave chocolate ice cream.
I went to Shopko after class to try and find a pair of pants. Walmart changed their dress code to actual uniforms and I need tan slacks or capris. Well, every pair I tried were too small, even the 16 wide. I know for a fact I am not a 16. The jeans I was wearing were a size 10! But every single pair of capris I tried on, whether they were jean or that other material that isn't cotton, none of them fit! It really depressed me, because even though I know I gained some weight, I know I'm not really that big. Almost all my pants are size 10, and I even still fit into some of my size 8. But still... I felt like a beached whale, and ended up leaving the store without getting anything else I had planned to buy.
Then at work my back was hurting really bad, and the people were nastier than usual. Most times it doesn't bother me when customers are rude or cranky. If they want to be unhappy, that's their choice. But tonight it just seemed that a lot of them were more rude than normal, and taking out their bad attitudes on me. I really wanted to just tell a couple of them to fuck off, but since I kind of like having a paycheck I held my tongue. Still, feeling like a poker was being shoved into my back didn't help any.
On the plus side, though, I got my student loan in, which means I can finally get new tires for my car. Yay! Also, my cats are too cute for words, so the day isn't too bad.
I'm going to go make some tea, take my narcotic pain pill, and go to bed. Night all!
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I just had a long talk with my section sgt. Apparently, he wants to know why I suddenly have a bad attitude and why I told my team cheif that I didn't care when she gave me my counseling for my gaff on Monday.
I told him the truth. That I was tired of having people talk bad behind my back, and that I finally just realized that I have to do my job, no matter what, so I might as well just keep my mouth closed, do as I'm told, and hope to get through the day.
Also, even after my tape test, my sgt tells me I am still too fat and that I need to exercise more and eat less. No shit, Sherlock. So, as of tomorrow, I am starting a 700 calorie diet and increasing my exercise routine to 15 miles a day. Hopefull this will help, and I figure 700 calories can't be as bad as the Atkins diet.
At least I can decide what to eat, like an apple or an orange.
I just can't wait to go on leave and get this place out of my head for a while. My sgt told me he is going to make some changes while I am away, but he has been saying that for a long time. I don't expect anything to be different, and realize I just have to deal with stuff the way it is. Its not easy, its not fun, but I can do it.
I just have to come to terms with that fact that this is my life, for good or for bad, and the only way I can change it is to change my attitude. As Shakespear said: "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
Well, I'll work on finding my smile again, and not letting the people get to me so much. And hopefully, by the time I get back from leave, they'll have found someone else to torment.
Have a good weekend, all!


Jul. 30th, 2004 08:56 am
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Yay! I not only passed my tape test, but according to them, I have lost half an inch. That's pretty good, considering my weight remained the same, and I thought for sure my hips had become bigger.
I still think I resemble a big blob when I look in the mirror, but at least I'm not going to be on the overweight program. Yay!
Of course, the whole thing would have been better if they hadn't chosen me as one of the six people who had to take a urinalysis. Uggg. I hate those. Now I'll be peeing all day, lol!
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This past week has been wearisome. Even though it wasn't that stressful, I am driving myself nuts with worry over my weigh-in tomorrow. The army says I am 20 pounds overwieght, and if I don't pass my tape tomorrow, I will have to be on the overweight program. I just don't know what to do. I've tried the Atkins diet, which helped a little, and I've tried eating only 800 calories a day. Nothing seems to work! I exercise twice a day, an hour each time, and stay away from junk food, though I do admit I cheat every now and then.
But I am worried. Every time I look in the mirror I see a fat blob, and I hate it! Grrrrrr, stupid society! Why can't pudgy women be considered beautiful, and the skin and bones girls be ugly for once?
I'm just whinging, please ignore me. I'll hopefully be better after tomorrow. Hopefully I'll pass!


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