Jan. 24th, 2011 07:26 pm
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Hi, everyone!  I'm still alive!  Wow, I've been quiet this year. 

Not a whole lot going on, however.  I'm still looking into other jobs, but right now nothing is very viable.  Either it's a really big pay cut or it's only a temporary position, so I'm doing my best to see if I can find anything in the company that won't make me go insane and praying I can interview without making myself look like an idiot.  

I had another date last week.  We went bowling and he kicked my ass.  It was fun, but I'm not really feeling any sparks.  He's going to make me dinner next week, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm not really expecting anything, but if nothing else, I figure he's fun and we can be friends.

Haven't written anything in a week or so. It feels weird after the writing spree I was on for a while.  I need some plot bunnies!  

Anyway, that's about it for me. I had a great birthday and received some wonderful gifts, and have just basically been hibernating the past few weeks, lol.

Take care all!
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Hello, all.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the last few posts.  I'm trying not to be so negative, but work really just ambushed me this week, and I had to vent somewhere.  When they tried to tell me I HAD to work on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day?  That was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I very politely told them that there was no way I could do that, and that I would not be working Christmas Eve, thank you very much.

I worked an overtime shift of 4 and a half hours today, which wasn't bad, and will help with the bills.  Halfway through they put us back on chats, thank God.  Most of the customers were perfectly reasonable, but I've found I'm just extremely loath to take phonecalls.  So I still think I am going to be looking into alternate jobs this summer, when things have calmed down and after I've gone to England, lol. 

I do know I'm lucky to have a job, and I'm thankful for it.  But I'm not going to put my mental or physical health on the back burner because I'm afraid of change.  This job is nice for a while, but I don't want to do it for the next 5 years.  I don't even want to do it for the next 2 years!  

Anyway, I'm in a much better mood today. I got most of my Christmas shopping done, and I've been watching Christmas movies the past few hours. Plus, I went over to my mom's and talked to her for a while, so that was really nice.  

All in all, I think I'm just tired and stressed and basically trying to survive the holiday.  I hope you're all doing well!


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:19 pm
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Hello, everyone!  Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but Christmas has been taking its toll on me, and I don't want to fill up my list with my whining.  I've been trying to keep my spirits up and not be depressed by the crazy customers or the fact I  have to work a regular shift on Christmas day.  Yeah, still feeling the sting of that one.

But my family is going to be celebrating on Christmas Eve, so I'm trying to stay upbeat and just enjoy the season as much as I can. 

So, enough of that.

The cats are doing well, and I'm doing all right.  My stomach is still being touchy, and I'm trying to take it one day at a time and not worry that I'll never be 100% again.  I have good days that are becoming more, so I'm going to be happy about that and deal with the pain when I have to.

My apartment is all decorated, I have pumpkin eggnog in the fridge, and since I'm working from home I can have all the Christmas music or movies on in the background that I can stand.  Plus, my two little monsters are keeping me company!

Also, I talked to my manager and asked about the possibility of being able to work from home a few days a week and coming in to the building the others.  I think that would be a great way to keep my stress down and save on gas, but also get me out of the apartment and around people.  I don't know if I will be able to, but the question has been asked and they're looking into it for me.  

Also also!  I talked to my sister yesterday and it turns out March will not be a good time for me to visit, as she will be trying to survive finals and essays out the wazoo.  So I'm going to head over in April.  Now I have to find out if I want to arrange to be there for the royal wedding, or skip that madness and go a bit earlier to miss it, but still get some of the excitement.   Any thoughts from my England friends?

I'm really looking forward to seeing her and London again.  And also meeting some of you who have been so amazing to me, but who I have never met face to face.  My sister said pretty much anytime after the first week in April, so anyone have any ideas? 

I'm also looking forward to meeting her boyfriend.  He's a royal marine and will have just come back from Afghanistan.  He sounds like a very nice man who is treating my sister well, but I think it would be great to just meet him!  I didn't even meet my sister's ex-husband until right before her wedding, lol!  Not that they are anywhere near there.  They have only been dating for a few months. But still....

I'm looking forward to visiting some of the pubs near where she lives and trying not to make a fool of myself.  My sister is a drinker, and so are a lot of her friends.  I am not.   We're very much two totally different people, and we don't go in the same circles at all.  But still...  I think it will be fun!

Also, going in April will give me more time to lose the weight!  I still have my heart set on losing 30 pounds before I head over.  I know I can do this!  I just have to really work at it.  My main problem is getting out and exercising.  Recently I've been so tired that's it's a struggle just getting out of bed in the morning.  Part of it is the cold weather, and another is fighting depression.  But I think once Christmas has passed, I'll feel a lot better and able to take on the world!

Plus, I'll have more vacation time saved up, and more money, lol!

So, this is where I stand right now.  I've sent out the most of my Christmas cards, just have to get a few more stamps and then the rest will be shipped out.  I have all but one of my presents bought, and I'm just hoping to survive in relatively good spirits.

Anyway, not much else to report!  I'll be starting to post my massive Holmes epic probably next week (SQUEE!!) and I'm getting excited about that.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and you are all doing well.  Take care!


Nov. 13th, 2010 01:27 am
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Hi, all!

I'm still alive.  I haven't really been doing anything much lately except work and sleep and work.  The new schedule is still throwing me off. I like being able to sleep in, but getting off at 10 makes it hard to get to sleep much before midnight, and I find myself sleeping until abut 10.  I'm trying to get my body used to going to be at midnight, getting up at 9, and then going for a long walk.   I still want to lose 30 pounds before I go to England, so hopefully I can keep this up. I have to keep watching my diet, too.  Not eating out, which I can't really afford anyway, and eating healthy.

In other news, OMG, I'm almost finished with my giant Holmes story!  It's a little over 80000 words now, and will probably end up abou 85000.  Umm.  Would anyone like to beta it for me?  It goes from PG-13 to NC-17, which is a first for me, but I don't think it's too bad.  Or does anyone know where I can find a beta? I figure once I get it finished and have someone do  a look over I can start posting.  Yay!

Also, on the Sherlock front, I got a new jacket!  Or, well, actually, I don't have it yet, I put it on layaway, but I'll have it next payday!  It's really warm, and so pretty!  It's a deep gray wool, almost military.  I'll have to take a picture when I get it and show you all my new coat! Really, I haven't had a new coat in, goodness, years. I love my military trench coat, but it doesn't fit me very well now that I've gained weight.  I was 40 pounds lighter when I first got it, after all.  But I call this new one my Sherlock coat because it kind of looks like the coat Benedict Cumberbatch wore in the new Sherlock series.  Heee.  I'm such a geek!  

Not much else going on, really.  In a sudden urge to be productive I've gone back and started tagging my journal, because I'm horrible and didn't tag ANYTHNG!  So that's being fixed.  It's been kind of weird, reading all my old posts.  I've been posting since 2004, so there's been a lot of stuff to tag!  I'm in 2009 now, though, so almost done! 

OK, I hope everyone is doing all right.  Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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Hello, all!  I'm still alive!  

I know my last post was pretty grim, and I haven't posted in a while.  But I am doing much, much better.  The money issue has mainly sorted itself out in that I have vowed not to make myself sick overthinking things.  I'm going to do the best I can, and it will work itself out. 

I had 6 days off this past week, from Thursday until yesterday, Tuesday.  It was so nice!  My mom and I took my sister back to Seattle on Thursday to say goodbye before she takes off for England, and then I spent Saturday at our local county fair.  I indulged and had a corndog, a caramel apple, and a giant lemonade, lol.  Also, I splurged and bought myself some earrings for 6$. I was very proud of myself for only going on 3 rides, and just enjoying the day.

Monday I went to Ellensburg, about 2 hours from where I live, to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] enkiduts and have our very own fangirl day of squeeing over Holmes.  

Also, I got new tires on my car, since the old ones were almost literally about to die a painful death, and got my oil changed.  Thank God for credit cards, even though just the thought of how much it cost is enough to make me wince.  Still... It had to be done.

Anyway, now I am back at work.  It's been pretty quiet today, and I'm fighting off a headache that seems to have come out of nowhere. I was actually pretty excited to be back at work. I have a new schedule, hence the long weekend.  Now I work Wed-Sat, which isn't nearly as nice as the Sun-Wed, but oh well.  I still get my three day weekend, and this will actually work out better because the family usually has Sunday off.  

Anyway, that's my boring life.  I hate this new twitter/ facebook thing.  Good God, LJ, get your head out of your ass!  Sheesh.  I think you can all guess what my policy is on linking, but if not, please don't.  

And that's about it.  How are you all doing?  I've been following everyone's LJ, but if anything new and exciting is happening, let me know.  I love you all!  

((((HUGS FLIST))))
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I survived having a houseguest for a week!  Maybe not very successfully, but I made it.  Things were -  hrmmm, tense, I guess would be the right word.  Apparently my ex thought that there were going to be sexy fun times while he was down here and I - well, that was pretty much the last thing on my mind.  He was rather put out when I told him he was sleeping on the couch, and from then on things were rather uncomfortable.

He wasn't horrible, or tried to do anything.  But he was very - I don't know, passive aggressive?  Taking verbal pot-shots at me, and although I'm pretty sure he was just teasing, having to deal with that for 5 days was pretty wearing. 

We drove up to Seattle on Monday for my doctor appointment with the specialist, stayed the night in a hotel with twin beds, and then was told by the doctor that I had basically wasted my time going up. 

I did, however, get an explanation of what was going on and why my stomach was hurting, which is a big relief.  Apparently, in a small percentage of people, PTSD triggers something in the body and they become hyper-sensitive.  They think this is what happened to me.  So they told me the dose of meds I'm on is exactly what I need to be on, and that the pain will probably come and go for a bit longer until my body stops being so hyper-sensitive. 

So, I'm not counting the trip a total loss. 

And today is my Friday, so I just have to get through work and then I'm off for three days.  Well, except for the CT scan tomorrow, which I am not thinking about because - Yuck!  

I hope everyone is doing all right.  Sorry I wasn't around last week, but I'm back.  Take care, everyone, talk to you soon!
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Hello all.

Today is cleaning day. I have put it off far too long, and I guess the cleaning bug has bitten. I woke up this morning making plans, people! The only downfall to this plan is that, although I happen to have 3 vacuum cleaners (don't ask) not one of them seems to work at the moment. Sigh.   So, slight problem to the plan, but I will somehow figure out how to fix it. 

I am not looking forward to scrubbing the bathroom.  It's not that it's dusgusting, because I do clean it, but I'm talking about getting on hands and knees and scrubbing the floor.  I have two cats who love to shed, no matter what time of year, and all that fur seems to gather in the bathroom.  So today that is the main goal, to try and get that taken care of.  Wish me luck!

As to laundry, I'm going over to Mom's while she's away and going to do it over there.  Also, she has a line I can dry my stuff on, which is perfect because that means I can leave it, go to my doctor's appointment, and then come back and have it smelling fresh and clean and ready to be put away.  

Tackling the bedroom?  That may be tomorrow's project.  It all depends on how much energy I have.  I'm trying to pace myself so I don't just burn up before I get through most of the stuff I have to, so we'll see at the end of the day what I've accomplished.  

How is everyone else doing today?
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Still alive.  Sorry I haven't been around.  I've felt like absolute crap the past week and just getting up and going to work is a monumental feat.  When I'm with Thing 1 we just pretty much collapse on the couch and watch a movie until one of us falls asleep.  I'll try and be a bit more active this next week.  Take care everyone. 

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I think I am quite ready for some seclusion from the world.  Spending the last few weeks in the bosom of my family has made me crave being a hermit.  

My dad flew up from Florida last week, and my sister flew down from Seattle.  It was the first time my family has all been together since 2001.  It would have been great if my brother hadn't ended up in the hospital.  Food poisoning, apparently.   He should be released tomorrow, just in time to say good bye to my dad, as my sister flew back today.  I've been designated errand girl, which hasn't left much time for job searching.  I have to really go back to that in earnest after my dad leaves and my brother is all right.  

[livejournal.com profile] elayna88 Thank you so much for the card.  It brightened my day immeasurably, it truly did.  Thank you. 

I hope everyone else is doing well.  Have I missed anything important the past week?  

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As of 6:30pm last night, I finished university. My last final went well, I think, and I'll know my grades sometime next week, but for now, I am done. I don't walk until May, when the graduation ceremony is, but I'm actually glad as it gives me time to save money for the gown and cards and such. I'm not buying a ring or anything. The only ring I ever wanted was for when I graduated Basic Training, and it's enough for me.

I refuse to be depressed about the job front. I only worked 3 hours this week, and haven't heard anything on the jobs I've applied for, but I have enough money to see me through January, and I'm hoping that I'll find something before then.

Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself, I keep reminding myself that things could be much worse. My minor was in History, with an emphasis on the Depression and World War 2. I've read letters written to FDR, begging for clothes and food and money to see people through the winter, and I am thankful I have a roof over my head and food for myself and the cats. If I get desperate, I can always work for Walmart again until something better comes along.

I go in for X-rays on my back on Monday, since it has steadily been getting worse, but I can still walk and live my life almost normally, so I'm thankful I'm not worse. I know there are so many out there worse than me, and that my own situation could be so much worse, so every day I'm allowed to enjoy my cats and my family is a blessing that I don't want to squander with needless worry and fear.

My friend is taking me out for dinner tonight at the resturant her SO works at. Neither one of us is expecting anything from our families for graduation, as money is so tight everywhere, but we figure that we've been helping each other out for the past two years, and now it's time to celebrate our accomplishment! In the end, the only thing that really matters is that we made it, and we worked damn hard. There were a lot of obstacles, but we did it, and that is something worth having a drink over.

I know a lot of you are going through difficult times. That this season is giving people troubles the world over. I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for all of you, and that so long as we stick together, so long as we don't give up, we'll be OK.

My mom takes care of gentleman who's 97 years old. I have dinner with them sometimes and he tells me stories of listening to the fireside chats of FDR and the struggles he went through early in his life. Our world stood together and overcame horrible times, and we can all do the same again. So for everyone out there who's having a rough patch, just remember that things will get better.

Take care of yourselves, all right?
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Still not dead. Still have flu. But hey, lost five pounds, so yay for being sick. Take care, all.
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Hello, all.
I know I've been absent for a while, but I have been trying to keep up with your journals. I'm sorry I haven't responded to those who wrote on my last two entries. If it helps, I have a really good excuse. The past two weeks my back has decided to stage a rebellion and not work any more. I've barely been able to make it to class, and I am down to working 6 hours a week because it hurts too much to sit for longer than three hours and I can barely stand up straight. I did make an appointment with the VA, and hopefully will be getting an MRI so we can see if my back has become worse, which I'm pretty sure it has, and if so, then I will try to file a new claim to up my disability so that I don't have to worry about the little things like food and rent. Sigh.

I went to the chiropractor today and he helped a little, though it still hurts to stand up or sit down for any length of time. To add to this, my depression has come back full force, not helped by the fact that I can't take the medicine because of the side effects. I go in on Monday, though, so maybe I'll be able to get something that will actually help and won't leave me a shaky, dizzy mess.

I'm not writing this to get sympathy. I just thought I would let you all know that I probably won't be around again for a while, though I'll try to keep up with your journals in case something important in your lives happen. I can't tell you how much you all mean to me, even if we've never met face to face. It may be pathetic and sad, but you guys really are some of the best friends I have.

Anyway, I'm house sitting for a family friend, which is nice since they have a great bed and I'm hoping I'll be able to actually stand up in the morning. Also, the pay is very helpful.

I'm thinking of all of you, and hope you are well. Take care of yourselves, ok? Our world is changing in so many wondrous and frightening ways, now is the time when we really have to rely on each other.

Hugs to you all!
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Earlier today I made the stupid mistake of answering the door to a salesman.  He had some cool products so I let him in.  I am an idiot!  After about ten minutes he started touching me, on the arm, my hip, he even touched my leg!   I told him I wasn't interested in buying anything, but he pulled the "I don't speak good English" card and pretended he didn't understand.  I told him I couldn't afford anything and wasn't going to buy anything, so he could leave. 

He asked me out.  I told him no.  At this point, I know I should have told him to get the hell out of my apartment and never come back, but I was still trying to be polite and told him I didn't want to buy anything.  He gave me his number, put me down on his possible future client list, and then finally left.

Well, about an hour ago he came back.  And rang my doorbell.  And called me four times when I didn't answer.  Then rang the doorbell another couple of times.  And just stood outside my door. 

I called the police and my mom, because all my Army training aside, the first thing I think of when I'm scared is to call my mom.  The guy left for a few minutes, called me a few more times, then came back to ring the bell a few more times.  Luckily, that was when the police showed up and told him to never darken my doorstep again.  I had to laugh when one officer asked the guy, "Does your wife know you're a pervert?" 

So hopefully, that is the end of that strange saga, and I can go back to being my regular stupid self, only without opening the door to salespeople.  Sorry, salespeople, but I'm a poor college student, anyway. 

I'm still shaking. 


Dec. 12th, 2007 07:47 pm
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Finals are over for the semester! 

*Throws confetti*

*Falls down in a boneless heap*

I am in my penguin pajamas, about to put a Muppet Christmas Carol in and do some Jiffy Pop popcorn since I don't have a microwave yet.  My tree is up and I have eggnog in the fridge.  It finally feels like Christmas!

For all my friends, I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but the last few months have just been crazy and insane.  I'm only sending cards to a few people, but if you would like an e-card, just email me your addy or post it below, whichever you feel most comfortable with.  I know it's a cop-out, but I just don' t have the money or the energy for more.  I love you all, but I have cats to feed.  :)

Take care everyone, and have a good night.  I'm going to go make some popcorn and watch muppets!
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I had a good day today. Saw Pirates of the Carribean 2, which just totally rocked. Got my hair cut, and a tire changed on my car, so I no longer have to fear death from flying rubber on the freeway again. Also, and this is the big thing, I wasn't tired.
That may sound a little weird, but here's the thing. When I got out of the military, I was totally exhausted. I mean, I would wake up around 10, have breakfast, putter around the house, then take a three or four hour nap. I did that for like, three months.
I guess I was really sleep deprived while in the Army, but as I was so busy doing stuff and running around, I didn't notice. When I finally stopped and just relaxed, it hit me big time.
I think I'm finally over it, lol, one year later. I have energy again, I can go the whole day without a nap, though I do love them still. And I'm not sleeping in until 11 or 12.
It feels good to feel alive again.
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For those of you who don't know, I am in Canada right now, eagerly waiting for the Vancouver Stargate Convention to start. Today we have the opening, some panels with some of the actors, and a cabaret tonight. Tomorrow, a set visit! Squeee! Plus, pictures with Joe Flannigan, Michael Shanks, and some others I can't remember, lol.
I am looking forward to having a wonderful time, and the friends I have met here, and am staying with, are a blast. I'll keep you updated as the convention goes on, and let you all know what Joe Flannigan really looks like (becuase my God, that man is sex on legs) and how good he smells, lol.
Anyway, just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive, in a much better mood than the last post, and doing my best not to squee myself into oblivion.
Take care!

I'm Back!

Apr. 30th, 2005 12:34 pm
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Hello! Well, I'm back from my last FTX, and oh, goodness, my bed has never been so comfy! I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive, and thinking of all of you. I hope you are doing all right, and that I haven't missed any major incidents or cirsis lately. And for those of you still hoping I am writing, I can assure you that I have two stories on the way. Its just taking me a bit longer than normal, lol. I hope everyone has a great day, and I will pop in a little later. Take care, all, and Goddess bless! (((((((FLIST)))))))))


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