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Had to be up this morning at 7am to take my car in to get the new brakes, so of course I tossed and turned all night until about 3 or 4.  Woke up about 6 or a little after to the cats yowling outside my door, and threw a few shoes, which shut them up for about 15 minutes.

Got up, got dressed, fed the cats, and then had a quick breakfast of yogurt smoothie.  Went to brush my teeth....And Colonel threw up in the sink.  

It was disgusting.

I had to leave in 5 minutes to get the car to the shop in time for the appointment, so did a real quick clean up and then figured I could do the rest when I got back.

Got to the shop at 8 exactly, and two hours later have new breaks!!  Yay!

Treat myself to Burger King, which I know is not healthy at all, but it was a treat, so there!  *Sticks tongue out at self*

Ate regular breakfast and went to wash hands. At which time I realized that Colonel has spectacular aim when he vomits, and got it right down the drain.  Which is clogged.

Tried to clean it, but no use.  Poured a bottle of drain cleaner down there in the hopes it would clear it.  No use.

Then the sink started to drip into the cupboard beneath it. Turns out the sink is rusted through, and it just needed that little bit of pressure to start it leaking. 

So....  All this before 11am.   I'm kind of terrified what the rest of the day will be like. 


Nov. 23rd, 2010 09:37 pm
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Something in my apartment is creating an unfortunate smell!  I don't know if it's my neighbor's cooking, or something the cats did, but I'm not finding anything that is causing the reek.  Ick!  And since I'm working, I can't really do a more thorough search. 


In other news, it finally stopped snowing!  The roads are horrible.  They closed the work site down yesterday at 4pm, but because I'm working from home I got to work my full shift, so I didn't miss any hours.  I think we got about  5 inches, which is practically unheard of, especially for this time of year!

I had to call the Humane Society today.  It's about 12F (-11C) and there were two dogs who have been practically living in one of my neighbor's cars.  It was bad enough when it was 60F out, but now that it's below freezing?  I really worry they won't  make it through the night.  So I talked to my apartment manager, and called the Humane Society, and they are sending a police officer over tomorrow to talk to the people.  The manager talked to the woman, and a few hours ago I saw the car with the dogs drive away and it hasn't returned, so we'll see what happens. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel! 

But I'm all warm in the apartment, and the cats are snuggled in their beds, so everything, apart from the damn smell, is going good.  How is everyone else doing?
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It's snowing outside!  Yay!  It's so pretty, I can't tell you how excited I am!  I love snow!  I went outside and did something I've done since I was a little kid with every first snow. I just sat outside, under my upstairs neighbor's porch, and watched the snow fall, listening to the wind chimes.  It was so peaceful, honestly, it was just so very tranquil. 

And, in honor of the first snow, you all get a some pic spam!  And, because it's been so long, you get some kitties thrown into the mix!  Enjoy!
Pictures! )
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Just found out my mom has to put one of her dogs to sleep.  This week officially sucks. 
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My brother and his fiance are going away for the weekend, so I get to petsit the horses, dogs and cat for them.  She's a vet tech, and he used to be, so they pretty much have everything down to a science where the animals are concerned, which means all I have to do is lay out the food, give the dog its pill, and then watch a few movies on their 65 inch HD TV. 

People - the TV is bigger than me!  

Not to mention they have a blue ray DVD player.  I am so insanely jealous of them sometimes, lol.  When she asked me how much I wanted for taking care of the critters, I told her not to worry about it.  Her response?  "Then I guess you'll just get a nice surprise, won't you?"  I feel kind of bad, because if I don't take the money, they'll get angry with me.  But I also know them, and they'll pay me way to much. Hell, I think just being able to watch whatever I want on their TV is reward enough.  

Anyway, that's what I plan on doing tomorrow.  I told them I'm in a sling so I won't be able to sling the hay or anything, and she assured me that they would have it all ready for me.  I love their horses, even if they do scare me.  Big animals tend to intimidate me, no matter how gentle they are.  

Nothing much else to say.  My life is really spectacularly boring.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  


May. 8th, 2008 10:47 pm
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I came home from grocery shopping today to find that my cat was curled up under my bed and whimpering in pain.  After I freaked and called the vet, it was discovered the poor thing had broken his hip.  How?  I have no clue!  The vet had no clue, either, sigh.  So now Rodney has to go in for surgery on Tuesday.  I guess it's a good thing this happened now, after I got my student loan in, but still... It's going to cost 500 dollars or more, and I'm going to be struggling to find the money. 

I love my babies dearly, but goodness, can't I just once get ahead on the finances? 

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Well, it's been a while. First off, my cousin was moved to Ft. Sam Housten, in Texas. He hasn't really woken since the explosion, since the few times he did he was in so much pain all he could was scream and moan. They've kept him heavily sedated, but he did manage to open his eyes once and they don't think he is blind. His lungs are all right, and they have started skin grafts on his face and upper body. We know he's a fighter, and he has his family around him to keep him strong.
Second, my brother and I are almost completely moved in to our new apartment. And we have kitties!
Rodney is a golden, slightly pudgy, full of curiousity and attitude, and one of the biggest cuddlers. Colonel is black with white paws, very slim, easy going, and also a big cuddler. The two of them are brothers, even if they look nothing alike, and can constantly be found wrestling each other of sleeping curled around each other. They are the cutest things ever!
Other than that, still looking for work, but not much else to report.
Take care everyone!
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My sister, brother-in-law, and I drove down to my Mom's house on Christmas eve, and had a wonderful time watching movies and listening to Christmas music, and wrapping last minute gifts.  It was only later that night, as we were watching A Christmas Carol, when I found out the news.  My brother's seven month old puppy, a beautiful, sweet, loving dog, was killed the day before I got there.  He escaped his kennel and was killed by a pack of coyotes. 

Although there are many more horrible things in this world going on right now, and perhaps it is selfish of me, I cannot help but feel a terrible sadness, and admit I cried for a good long time Christmas eve.  We did not tell my mom, and in fact, they had not meant for me to find out, not wanting to ruin my time home with my family.

I will miss Jack with a very large part of my heart.  I was there the day my brother got him and brought him into our lives, helped to housetrain him, and spent countless hours holding him and snuggling next to him.  He was a sweety, and I will always remember him.  I only got to spend 30 days with him, but those days were wonderful.

I still had a wonderful Christmas with my family, and enjoyed my time thoroughly with everyone.  But, perhaps to remind us all of the sacrifices taking place in this world, and all the sorrow that still fills it, I cannot help but think that Jack truly was a special animal sent to my family in a time of great stress.  He helped my brother through a tremendous change in his life, and was there for my mom when she needed a loving, unjudging friend.

Maybe it is silly of me to be so sad over the loss of an animal when there are so many suffering since Sunday, but I can't help but think that the loss of an innocent being is a tradgedy all its own.

Jack, Sweety, you shall be missed by all those you touched.



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