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Just a quick shout out to all my American friends.  I hope you're having a great Memorial Day, and that you are able to take a few minutes to remember those who have served.

This is for my friends, Adam, Shane, Lucky, Dave, Floyd, Gurusahai, Amber and CC.  I hope you're all taking care of yourselves.

Alan, I'm so glad you're recovering.  I know we didn't know each other very well at Basic, but you were still there to cheer me on during my runs.  Maybe one day you'll be able to walk again, but even if that day never comes, I'll be here, cheering you on!  You're awesome, Alan.  Keep your head up!

The military isn't an easy life, but I think everyone knows that going in.  We do it because we love our country, we love the people of this country, and we know that, sometimes, you have to fight to keep those you love safe.  

Not all of us make it through our tours. Some of us are wounded, and some of us are killed. But we are all brothers and sisters together.  And for that, I will always be thankful.  

Take care, be safe, and thank you everyone who is serving, has served, or loves someone who serves. 
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OK, so I'm a bit early, but I figured I would say it now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve, and that the headaches are very mild tomorrow.  

2010 was a pretty crappy year, I think we can all agree.  There were some good things, though.  I got switched to taking chats at my job, my brother got promoted, and my sister moved to England, which she has been wanting to do for years.  

I've made a lot of new friends, on LJ and in RL, and lost a few as well. 

I've found my way back to a Sherlock Holmes, whom I've always loved, but was always a bit intimidated by, and ended up writing an 80,000 page story.  Which I'll start posting in the next few days!

I've had a lot of health problems this year, and some money trouble because of it, but both are pretty much under control right now, so I'm starting the new year hopeful. 

I got a new coat, which I cannot tell you how much I love!  I will post pictures shortly.  Yes, I am that proud of my coat!  

And above all, DADT was repealed.  *Fist pump!*

I do have a few resolutions, though they're pretty normal ones.  

I want to lose 30 pounds this year, and am saving to purchase an elliptical machine. 
I want to be happy with my job, and an going to look into making changes.
I want to go back to school, or at least get started on looking into that.

I am going to go to England in April, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you I've only ever known from LJ.  Please take pity on me when I visit and try not to laugh too much when I get hopelessly lost.  

Here's to hoping that 2011 is a much, much better year than 2010! 
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I hope everyone had a wonderful day today, and to those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!  

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve, once I got over the last minute panic of not having everything done.  The truffles turned out to be chocolate pudding, lol, but the sausage I made turned out really, really good!  My oven, apparently, broke sometime between finishing the cookies and bread, so I had to cook it over at my mom's.  

We discovered JibJab, and sent out a lot of cards, lol.  Then we ate a lot of food, opened presents, and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  I received so many good things, from new pots and pans, to snow boots, to the DVD box set of The Pacific.  Everyone loved their gifts, and it all pulled together.

I am working today, but it's been so slow my mom was able to come over and we ate a late lunch and watched A Christmas Carol.  Then she had to take off to check on the ham she had left to slow cook, and she'll be back in about an hour with a plate of Christmas dinner for me.  I'm still not happy about having to work on Christmas, but at least I'm not on phones, and it's been a pretty good day. 
Take care, all, and all happy holidays!
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Still alive!  I had to leave work 3 hours early yesterday, but that was due to the fact I was back on phones, my stress level was through the roof, and I had a migraine and a stomach ache that wouldn't go away. I'm doing much, much better today.  They have us back on chats, and I've been able to finish most of the Christmas baking.

Usually my best friend and I bake a few days before Christmas and arrange goody baskets, but this year she's dealing the drama, drama, drama and didn't have time, so I'm on my own.  I managed to make the chocolate dipped pretzels last night, and I baked the pumpkin spice bread earlier today.  Now I'm baking cookies between work, and will probably get the stuffing all prepared for tomorrow, when I can just throw it in the oven. 

That means all I'll have to do tomorrow is make the chocolate mint truffles, which hopefully shouldn't take more than a few hours. 

Because I have to work on Christmas (Bastards!!) my family is celebrating tomorrow, so I'm in the home stretch now.  So long as I can get the majority of the baskets made up and the truffles done and the stuffing prepared, I'll be really happy.  Sheesh.  

Can it be 2011 now?  I mean, I know we all said 2010 had to be better than 2009, and it turned out to be the year from hell, but really, I have high hopes for 2011.  

Also, if I have to take calls on Christmas, I will seriously cry.  I've already promised myself I won't let it make me sick, so if it starts to become too unbearable, I'll just leave early as sick.  That's the most they can expect of me,  I think.  

Anyway, I hope the rest of you are having a good week and for those who celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:19 pm
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Hello, everyone!  Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but Christmas has been taking its toll on me, and I don't want to fill up my list with my whining.  I've been trying to keep my spirits up and not be depressed by the crazy customers or the fact I  have to work a regular shift on Christmas day.  Yeah, still feeling the sting of that one.

But my family is going to be celebrating on Christmas Eve, so I'm trying to stay upbeat and just enjoy the season as much as I can. 

So, enough of that.

The cats are doing well, and I'm doing all right.  My stomach is still being touchy, and I'm trying to take it one day at a time and not worry that I'll never be 100% again.  I have good days that are becoming more, so I'm going to be happy about that and deal with the pain when I have to.

My apartment is all decorated, I have pumpkin eggnog in the fridge, and since I'm working from home I can have all the Christmas music or movies on in the background that I can stand.  Plus, my two little monsters are keeping me company!

Also, I talked to my manager and asked about the possibility of being able to work from home a few days a week and coming in to the building the others.  I think that would be a great way to keep my stress down and save on gas, but also get me out of the apartment and around people.  I don't know if I will be able to, but the question has been asked and they're looking into it for me.  

Also also!  I talked to my sister yesterday and it turns out March will not be a good time for me to visit, as she will be trying to survive finals and essays out the wazoo.  So I'm going to head over in April.  Now I have to find out if I want to arrange to be there for the royal wedding, or skip that madness and go a bit earlier to miss it, but still get some of the excitement.   Any thoughts from my England friends?

I'm really looking forward to seeing her and London again.  And also meeting some of you who have been so amazing to me, but who I have never met face to face.  My sister said pretty much anytime after the first week in April, so anyone have any ideas? 

I'm also looking forward to meeting her boyfriend.  He's a royal marine and will have just come back from Afghanistan.  He sounds like a very nice man who is treating my sister well, but I think it would be great to just meet him!  I didn't even meet my sister's ex-husband until right before her wedding, lol!  Not that they are anywhere near there.  They have only been dating for a few months. But still....

I'm looking forward to visiting some of the pubs near where she lives and trying not to make a fool of myself.  My sister is a drinker, and so are a lot of her friends.  I am not.   We're very much two totally different people, and we don't go in the same circles at all.  But still...  I think it will be fun!

Also, going in April will give me more time to lose the weight!  I still have my heart set on losing 30 pounds before I head over.  I know I can do this!  I just have to really work at it.  My main problem is getting out and exercising.  Recently I've been so tired that's it's a struggle just getting out of bed in the morning.  Part of it is the cold weather, and another is fighting depression.  But I think once Christmas has passed, I'll feel a lot better and able to take on the world!

Plus, I'll have more vacation time saved up, and more money, lol!

So, this is where I stand right now.  I've sent out the most of my Christmas cards, just have to get a few more stamps and then the rest will be shipped out.  I have all but one of my presents bought, and I'm just hoping to survive in relatively good spirits.

Anyway, not much else to report!  I'll be starting to post my massive Holmes epic probably next week (SQUEE!!) and I'm getting excited about that.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and you are all doing well.  Take care!
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To everyone who celebrated today, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for all my friends and family, and for everyone who has stood behind me through all the years on LJ.  You guys are awesome!  
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Hi, all!  Not a whole lot going on with me, so I've been pretty quiet.  I seem to have gone into hibernation mode recently, and even if I go to bed early (11pm) I can't seem to wake up earlier than 10am.  Since I work from 1pm to 10pm, 11 is about the earliest I can manage.  Still, it doesn't really make for a productive day when I have to drag myself out of bed and give myself a little bit to get my brain working.  So I've mostly been catching up on emails and LJ in the morning and then working until 10 and then, if I'm feeling particularly wide awake after work, I'll read or watch tv until I head to bed.

Yeah, it's not exactly thrilling. 

But I have Thanksgiving off, and the Fri and Sat off after, so that will be nice.  My bro and his fiance have the day with us, since her family gets them for Christmas.  Lots of food next week!

On the fic front, my story is being currently edited, and once that's done it will go for a second edit and then I'll start posting.  I'm getting excited!!  

Take care all!


Dec. 31st, 2009 01:53 pm
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It is snowing outside, big fluffy flakes that are covering everything.  I don't want to think about driving home in it, but it looks lovely.

Trying to decide if I want to brave the weather and see Sherlock Holmes again tonight with a friend.  Not that Sherlock Holmes isn't totally worth it, but if it starts to ice over, I think I'll have to forgo the pleasure of the good detective's company for another day. 

Don't really have plans for tonight, other than the aforementioned movie.  I don't usually party or drink that much, and the idea of a nice evening in, snuggling with my kitties and watching one of the movies I got for Christmas, sounds pretty appealing.  Then again, so does Sherlock Holmes with a friend, lol.

Anyway, I hope you are all safe and sound and enjoying your New Year's Eve day.  I can't wait for the New Year to start and all the adventures it will bring!  Take care, and see you next year!
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To everyone on my flist, happy holidays! Whatever you celebrate, or chose not to, I hope you have a wonderful day and are safe, warm, and happy. Thank you all for being here for me, and hopefully my computer will be fixed tomorrow (if my brother is very nice!) and I'll actually have a reliable computer again!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, a great Christmas, and a warm and safe experience wherever you are.



Oct. 30th, 2009 09:36 pm
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I had a pretty good day at work. I dressed up in my flapper costume and had so many compliments! It was fun to dance around and make my tassels move, lol.

There were some wonderful costumes, but cameras aren't permitted in the building, so I wasn't able to capture any of them. One person came as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and there was even a full out ball gown from Cinderella. Amazing.

I spent most of the day roving, being an answer person to help out the new associates. I had interviewed for a seasonal position where all I would do is answer questions and help make guideline and fact sheets, but they had 26 people for 7 slots, and they chose people who had more experience than me. However, the interviewer was really nice, and told me that if I applied again the next time the position rolled around I would probably get it, I just needed a bit more time.

I wore heels today thinking that I would spent most of my time sitting, so now my feet are swollen, lol. It's ok, though, as I have tomorrow off and plan on just relaxing, carving my pumpkin and making roast pumpkin seeds, and then maybe going to a party. The boy I sit next to asked me out to one, and I'm a bit hesitant, but think it would be fun.

Also, found out that Thing has apparently broken up with his new girlfriend, which totally made me laugh. I figured it wouldn't last long, and it looks like I was right. I do feel a bit sorry for him, but not much. He was asking some of the people on my team for a recommendation for a good bar so he could celebrate being single again. I take that to mean in guy speak he wanted to go drown his sorrow at not getting in the foreseeable future.

Am I mean that this also amuses me? I know I'm not being very nice, but he hurt me, and it's nice to see him hurt a little, too. 

Not much going on.  Take care all.  
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To those who celebrate, Happy Easter!  I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and lots of good things.  I'll be spending it with my family, eating obscene amounts, playing games, and watching movies.  We're not, as a family, very religious, although my mom was raised strictly Roman Catholic, but we like to enjoy spending time with each other and appreciating the day.  My being Pagan just adds meaning to the holiday for me the others don't get, so I just smile and enjoy the day.  

Had terrible dreams last night.  Not sure where they came from, but there was torture and death and other icky things.  There's a reason I take sleeping pills normally.  *Shudder*  Let's hope the rest of the day is better.

Finished my taxes last night and celebrated with my mom and her friend, who was kind enough to do them for us.  They talked me into trying a cigar with my drink, which was the first, and most definitely the last time, I will ever smoke.  Yuck!  Can't see the appeal.  

And finally, spoke with the people at the job I interviewed for.  They are just waiting for my background check to go through, which I don't know why it is taking so long, but once I get it, they pretty much ensured me I would have a place.  So, yay!  I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch, though, so I'm still applying for other jobs.  But, hope is on the horizon!

Take care everyone, have a lovely Sunday!
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I think I am quite ready for some seclusion from the world.  Spending the last few weeks in the bosom of my family has made me crave being a hermit.  

My dad flew up from Florida last week, and my sister flew down from Seattle.  It was the first time my family has all been together since 2001.  It would have been great if my brother hadn't ended up in the hospital.  Food poisoning, apparently.   He should be released tomorrow, just in time to say good bye to my dad, as my sister flew back today.  I've been designated errand girl, which hasn't left much time for job searching.  I have to really go back to that in earnest after my dad leaves and my brother is all right.  

[livejournal.com profile] elayna88 Thank you so much for the card.  It brightened my day immeasurably, it truly did.  Thank you. 

I hope everyone else is doing well.  Have I missed anything important the past week?  

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Hello, everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate.  I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, so different from last year, lol, and have spent a lot of time with my sister and brother.  I don't see them very much, so it was great to just sit and talk with them. 

Talking, however, was not the only thing we got up to.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, though I warn you now that they are quite probably very disturbing.  If you have a problem with snowman abuse, please to do not click.  No, seriously, these are not for the faint of heart.  I think my siblings and I quite possibly may need mental help.  I'll let you decide.  But, honesty, you've been warned!  Oh, and these are certainly not dial up friendly.
Disturbing snowmen ahead - proceed at own risk )

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me a Christmas card, it really meant a lot  Thank you!   [livejournal.com profile] shirebound , [livejournal.com profile] forcryinoutloud , [livejournal.com profile] mik100 ,
[livejournal.com profile] elayna88 ,  and[livejournal.com profile] budgielover 
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Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at pYzam.com

I guess the other tree didn't work, so I got this one. Oh, well. It's still rather pretty.
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Hello, everyone! I hope your Saturday is going as well as mine. I spent a good few hours over at my mom's with my family, just relaxing and enjoying the day. Then my sister had to lie down, my mom had to help a friend with her Christmas stuff, and I had to go rent some movies for two of my classes.

Just as I pulled up to the intersection before the movie store, I saw people running around and a horn blaring, and sure enough, some SUV had just rammed a truck, or vice versa. I spent about 5 to 10 minutes, not sure how long, holding a guy's neck until the EMTs showed up and took over. He was awake when I left, and sounded in fairly good shape, so I figure I did my good deed for the day. I used to be an EMT for a few years, about seven years ago, so it felt good to be doing something helpful again. In fact, I've been thinking about possibly getting my EMT license again. Anyway, the guy seemed to be all right, besides the knock to the head, so I took off when the EMT relieved me and got my movies.

I am now putting my Christmas tree up and my other decorations. It's a good day. I hope everyone else is doing well. Take care, talk to you later!
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Hello, all! Just dropping by to say I'm still alive, and I hope you all are doing well. As per the usual around my family, the drama has started and will probably continue until after Christmas, although thankfully I'm just on the outside looking in this year.

I am finally over my bout with the flu, though I seem to have gained back all the weight I lost. Dangit. Oh, well. I plan on eating well tomorrow and have just finished baking a pumpkin pie and a cherry cobbler.

To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving! To all those who don't celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care, everyone, I'm thinking of you!
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Happy New Years, Flist!

Now if I can just get my toilet to stop running, I think this year will be off to a great start!

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Hello, all.  Just wanted to drop by and say that Christmas was survived without any bloodshed, yelling or tears.  Brother and I called a truce which seems to be holding, though for how long I am not sure.  Sister came down from Seattle by way of Munich (don't ask) and will be off again tomorrow for Texas to celebrate New Years with a friend.  I head  back to work tomorrow after a five day holiday, but I only work two days and then get Sunday off, so I'm not too grumpy about having to stop being lazy. 

[profile] mik100, I got your wonderful gift, thank you very much!  It has already been read, so those geek points are mine!

[profile] budgielover, thank you for the beautiful card!

To all those who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  To everyone else, I hope your winter celebrations have been filled with love, warmth and laughter.  To those who don't celebrate, I  hope that you are keeping warm and sorounded by those you love and care for and are passing the season in good spirits. 

Take care everyone!


Dec. 12th, 2007 07:47 pm
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Finals are over for the semester! 

*Throws confetti*

*Falls down in a boneless heap*

I am in my penguin pajamas, about to put a Muppet Christmas Carol in and do some Jiffy Pop popcorn since I don't have a microwave yet.  My tree is up and I have eggnog in the fridge.  It finally feels like Christmas!

For all my friends, I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but the last few months have just been crazy and insane.  I'm only sending cards to a few people, but if you would like an e-card, just email me your addy or post it below, whichever you feel most comfortable with.  I know it's a cop-out, but I just don' t have the money or the energy for more.  I love you all, but I have cats to feed.  :)

Take care everyone, and have a good night.  I'm going to go make some popcorn and watch muppets!


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