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OK, I'm seriously about to cry from frustration right now. I can't get that damn game to start, no matter what I do.  I looked up all the settings and everything, and I should be able to play it. I tried to update my video card, but it said it was already as current as it gets.  I tried to run it in compatibilty mode, and it still freezes on me!  What the heck do I do?  I don't know enough about computers to figure this out, and I just want to play the damn game. It really shouldn't be this hard!  Garrrggh!!!!!

In memory

Feb. 6th, 2011 01:12 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] slipperieslope  you will be missed.  You were always there to lend a supportive, sweet comment, and I will miss your flowers.  May eagles take you to the far green land. 
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Leslie Nielsen,  thanks for the all the laughs!  You will be missed!
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To all my buddies, wherever you may be, I'm thinking of you.  Take care, keep safe, and come home.  Love ya! 

In Memory

May. 30th, 2010 08:28 pm
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Tomorrow's Memorial Day, a holiday that means a lot to me.  I just wanted to say that I will never forget those I served with, and am thankful for all my experiences, good and bad.

Here's to my Staff Sgt, who died from complications shortly after deploying.  I only knew him a few months, but he was a good man with two little boys.  

Here's to my cousin, who lost his fingers, his ears, and more skin than we care to think about in a bomb that killed the 3 men with him.  I'm so thankful every day that he survived and can kiss his little girls good night. 

And here's to all of those men and women still serving.  
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I know I've done this before, but I think it bears repeating.

Dave: Thanks for being awesome and showing me that a boot blouser really can go around your skinny- assed waist.   Thanks for fixing my computer for me, and for being there when I needed a friend most.  You're a good friend, and I'm glad you're out. 

Adam:  Thanks for being my "big brother."  You were the best friend I could ever have had.  Even if you did get me and Lucky together, lol.  You came when I needed you, and didn't take my bullshit.  Be safe and come home soon.

Lucky:  We had our good times and bad, but you're a good leader and a good friend.  Take care of yourself, and watch your six. 

Shane:  You vanished into thin air, so I hope wherever you are, you're safe.  Thanks for being one of my boys.

Chris:  You were there when no one else would stand beside me.  Thanks, man.  Be safe.

My Lost Boys:  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, i hope you're not lost anymore.  Take care of yourselves.  

To everyone else out there, serving or who has served, thank you. 
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Seen the first post meme around and thought I would share.  Goodness, has it really been over five years?  I posted this on Feb 28th, 2004, after much prompting from Marigold.  I am quite happy to say that many of the friends I made along the way are still with me, and far more than I ever thought would be possible.  It's been a fun journey so far.  

Of course, reading this, it just reminds me how much has changed.  And how I probably still include TMI in a lot of my posts, lol.  Thanks for sticking with me. 

Hello, all. Well, this is my first entry, and good Gods, what a week it has been. Road marches and grenade range, not to mention fracturing my foot and then going to the field overnight. It was dang cold out there, too. And let me tell you, there is nothing more embarrassing than having to have someone dig you a whole to pee in because you have to us a cane to walk and can't do it yourself, especially when that someone is male. Egad, that was probably not the most embarrassing moment of my life, but it came in a close second.
Anyway, it is over and behind me now, and next week will be just as bad or worse, I am sure. That, and I get to find out, finally, whether or not I am cancer free. Wish me luck, and hopefully that whole nightmare will be over with.
Umm, did I just include way too much info? Sorry about that.
Let me finish on a happy note.
My fiance wrote me a love letter that is soooo sweet, and sent me pictures of Germany, which was so not, as now I can't wait to go visit him. Yippy!
Talk to you all later, friends.

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It's been three years since I left the Army, but the lessons I learned and the friends I made while I served will stay with me forever.  So, in honer of today:

Shane, Adam, Lucky:  thanks for being my boys and helping me through a shitty, shitty time.  Wolfpack forever!

Dave, I still can't believe you pierced your nipples.  You are insane, man!  However, you are probably one of the few people in the world who can wrap a boot blouser around your waist and connect it without being severed in two, so you rock on!  Give my love to Angel, and take care today.

Tocci, Ball, Payne, Wright, Driggers, Bartlet, Fieldman, Pierce, Naas and Naas, and even Cornelson - you will never read this, but thanks for being some kick ass teamates.  You were my family in Korea, and I'll never forget you.  Sgts. Echang, Wright, and Cox - you were some of the best damn leadership I ever had.  Thanks for taking care of my ass when the going got rough.

Wininger, thanks for sharing Christmas with me.  Your cooking may have been from the South, but it reminded me of home, and that's all that mattered.  Plus, your kids were adorable.

Chris, stay safe and come home soon.  Your wife and kids miss you, and I still owe you a drink, so keep your head down and get back in one piece.  Love ya, man.

To everyone else I served with and who continues to serve, thank you, for everything.  It's a rough road some days, but we walked it together, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. 

For those who came to their senses and got out, I say welcome to the real world. It's a scary place. 

Please remember all those served today, both in wars past and in the present one.  Being a solider may be a dirty job, but you know, someone's got to do it.  


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Just wanted to say a few things to those I served with on this day.

David, next time you're in my neck of the woods, or I'm in yours, the drinks are on me.  Promise.

Adam, you better belive that I'm going to see you before you transfer out.  And this time I promise to make the homecooked meal.

Lucky, I still have a few dances left in me.  Next time we meet, let's have one.

Shane, you are crazy.  But I love you anyway.  Try not to get killed, ok?  I'd really miss you.

Chris, I hope to hell you get transfered over here.  I can't wait to see you and the family again.  Take care of yourselves, all right?

I love you all guys, and hope to hell you're taking care of yourselves.  Be safe, and I'm thinking of you.


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