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Had to be up this morning at 7am to take my car in to get the new brakes, so of course I tossed and turned all night until about 3 or 4.  Woke up about 6 or a little after to the cats yowling outside my door, and threw a few shoes, which shut them up for about 15 minutes.

Got up, got dressed, fed the cats, and then had a quick breakfast of yogurt smoothie.  Went to brush my teeth....And Colonel threw up in the sink.  

It was disgusting.

I had to leave in 5 minutes to get the car to the shop in time for the appointment, so did a real quick clean up and then figured I could do the rest when I got back.

Got to the shop at 8 exactly, and two hours later have new breaks!!  Yay!

Treat myself to Burger King, which I know is not healthy at all, but it was a treat, so there!  *Sticks tongue out at self*

Ate regular breakfast and went to wash hands. At which time I realized that Colonel has spectacular aim when he vomits, and got it right down the drain.  Which is clogged.

Tried to clean it, but no use.  Poured a bottle of drain cleaner down there in the hopes it would clear it.  No use.

Then the sink started to drip into the cupboard beneath it. Turns out the sink is rusted through, and it just needed that little bit of pressure to start it leaking. 

So....  All this before 11am.   I'm kind of terrified what the rest of the day will be like. 


Nov. 23rd, 2010 09:37 pm
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Something in my apartment is creating an unfortunate smell!  I don't know if it's my neighbor's cooking, or something the cats did, but I'm not finding anything that is causing the reek.  Ick!  And since I'm working, I can't really do a more thorough search. 


In other news, it finally stopped snowing!  The roads are horrible.  They closed the work site down yesterday at 4pm, but because I'm working from home I got to work my full shift, so I didn't miss any hours.  I think we got about  5 inches, which is practically unheard of, especially for this time of year!

I had to call the Humane Society today.  It's about 12F (-11C) and there were two dogs who have been practically living in one of my neighbor's cars.  It was bad enough when it was 60F out, but now that it's below freezing?  I really worry they won't  make it through the night.  So I talked to my apartment manager, and called the Humane Society, and they are sending a police officer over tomorrow to talk to the people.  The manager talked to the woman, and a few hours ago I saw the car with the dogs drive away and it hasn't returned, so we'll see what happens. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel! 

But I'm all warm in the apartment, and the cats are snuggled in their beds, so everything, apart from the damn smell, is going good.  How is everyone else doing?
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Came home yesterday to find my ceiling leaking.  A stead stream of water dripping onto my carpet, right in front of my couch.  Sigh.  I talked to my upstairs neighbors, and we think it's their water heater.  Not sure, though, since the leak was in a totally different spot.  So I tried to get my landlady to come check things out and, you know, check out the leak so they could fix things, and she told me to put a towel down. Nothing else has been done.  0_o

I have a leak in my ceiling and she wants me to throw a towel down.  Good Lord.  If the ceiling becomes my floor, I totally blame her.  

Also, started some new medication today.  If I'm a bit wonky and more nuerotic than usual, I blame the pills.  They're supposed to be in the same family as my other ones that were working fine, but I didn't like some of the side effects, so we'll see. 

I hope everyone is doing well.  I'll probably post more tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy.  Have a good night/day!
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You know, I don't  mind sharing my flat with a ghost.  Not a problem.  It's a quiet ghost, doesn't usually bother me.  But I draw the line at taking a bath with it.  When the shower curtain started to close on its own, I told it quite firmly to get out because I don't like peeping Toms.  It seemed to stop, but who knows?  

One more day of work, and then the weekend!  Yay!  Think good thoughts for me.  If I make it all through tomorrow, this will be the first full week I've worked since January.  Fingers crossed!!
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My neighbor is singing karaoke.  Very, very badly.  For about 10 minutes I thought it was the upstairs neighbors' kid wailing.  Or a sick cat. 


Wow.  That's bad!

I'm alive!

Jul. 30th, 2009 09:14 am
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Hello, all!

I'm still alive, and doing all right. Thing 1 and I had a fight on Fri but things have been worked out and we are good. First fight out of the way, woo-hoo!

If you couldn't tell, I'm a little hyper right now.  This is because....


Yes, yes, everyone, the stench that has surrounded my apartment ever since my cat decided to be a brat and pee on the carpet has finally left! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to walk in here and not be smacked in the face with a wall of "Oh-my-God-what-died-and-why-haven't-you-buried-it-yet?"

I don't want to sound like a commercial, but I can tell you that this stuff works!!!!  OMG, I sprayed it over the whole area and within minutes (MINUTES!) the place did not stink!  I went to a doctor's appointment this morning and when I came back I was dreading walking back in, because I thought that maybe my nose was just used to the stench and a little bit of lessoning of it would make me think that the smell was gone.  No, I walked in and couldn't smell a thing!  I can breath again!!!!!  

This?  Totally makes up for having to carry a jug of urine into the Federal Building this morning.  Totally!

ETA:  Ok, the stuff I used was called Zero Odor.  It is wonderful, and here is the website.  Go, order, and enjoy a smell free place! 

Oh, jeez!

Mar. 25th, 2008 08:11 pm
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The guys in the apartment next to me were yelling and screaming about ten minutes ago.  I called the apartment manager and she told me to call the cops if it continued, but that she would be talking to them later and warning them.  They quieted down, but this is like the fifth or sixth time this has happened, and if I hear any more yelling, I swear I'm calling.  Gods, it stresses me out.  I get all jumpy and tense listening to them.  Not to mention I have to go in for all my bloodwork and invasive testing tomorrow, and I so don't need this shit! 
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So I came home from school, just another day, and put my key in the lock - and nothing happened. I scratched my head a bit, and tried it again - and again - and still the deadbolt would not turn. Hmmmmm. It had locked just fine that morning, but then - nothing!

I went to the manager and she thought maybe some WD-40 might help. Well, ok, that sounded like a good idea. We spritzed the lock and the key, and then she tried her spare key, and still nothing. And the maintnance guy had gone home sick earlier.

Finally, after much pondering and wondering how the hell I was going to get into my apartment, the manager, a little old woman with grey hair and arthritic hands, tells me to stand back. All right, I can do that.

Then she kicked the door.

Then I kicked the door.

Then she kicked the door again, and again, and again, and with a great smashing crack - the door splintered and flew in.


I was in! \0/

Still, my door now has a huge crack in it, where the deadbolt used to be. The bottom lock still works, but that's pretty flimsy, so I'm a little worried. I mean, I'm the person who locks her door behind her when I forgot something and am literally in and out of the apartment in one minute. Still... my little old lady manager kicked my door in!

I had two traumatized kitties and splinters all over the place, though I think I managed to get most of them. All in all, an interesting day. At least I was locked outside of the apartment and not inside, like that one time in Korea. What is it with me and doors?
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Pest control guy didn't show up. Again. I have ANTS crawling around in my house. ANTS! I'm going to the apartment manager tomorrow and telling her if she doesn't do something, I will, and it won't be pretty. This makes it two days that the guy never showed up! Grrrrrr! And they changed my schedule at work, again. I'm back to the 2 to -10 shift. Don't know if I'm going to stick around or not, still trying to decide. I'll know more after tomorrow and seeing how painful, physically and mentally, it is.
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I just walked into the kitchen and looked over to see what had the cat so fascinated. I admit, I screamed like a little girl and tripped over my feet trying to get away from the horror! Ants! Lots, and lots and lots of ants! The pest guy was supposed to come by on Tue, but never showed up, so he's coming tomorrow. And he better do something, becuase I refuse to live in a place where there are ants! Whimper!


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