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Got my rent taken care of and deposited my pickle jar of coins into the bank today. Also alerted them I'll be out of the country so they don't look at purchases and go "That's not right!"

Not as much money as I had hoped to bring over, but I get paid on the 14th, and I figure I'll have a bit over a thousand to spend for the whole trip, which is really probably the most I've ever traveled with, lol, so I'm not complaining.  Hoping the local bank can exchange some money before I head over, so I'll have US money for the airports and anything that comes up, and pounds for when I arrive and don't have to spend more time in the airport than I have to.  My sister isn't meeting me there, but at Paddington Station.  She gave me directions, so hopefully all goes well!  

I'm getting really excited!  Pretty much I'm all packed, and just have to finish cleaning the apartment and hiding everything I don't want the cat sitter finding.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think it's only human nature to want to snoop around someone's place when you know you aren't going to get caught, and I don't  mind, I just don't want her to find my bills.  My porn?  Pfffssshhhh, I don't care!

Anyway, I already told her I would like her to sit with the cats for a while, so she knows she's allowed to watch movies and stuff, and she has a little girl which I don't care if she brings down, so long as she supervises her! My place isn't exactly kid friendly.

Also,cut for TMI )
So, that's about it.  Now I just have the odds and ends to take care of, and keep myself busy, and not worry about my plane crashing or something else horrible going wrong. I always panic a little with long car trips and plane trips. 

I won't have much internet time while I'm in England,  but I'll try to pop in every now and then.  Though frankly, I'm kind of amazed at how much I'm going to miss while gone.  I mean, skip 200?  Will probably be a day's worth of posts. You guys write a lot! 

Take care!
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Less than a week before I take of for England! I'm getting so excited!  Plans are coming together, and I'm really looking forward to this!  Not to mention almost 2 weeks of no work!  This is the first vacation I've taken in almost 2 years.  I'm so burnt out right now, I hope that when I get back I'm re-energized and ready to go.  If nothing else, I'll hopefully be all that much more psyched about looking for a new job!  

I fly out on April 7th, my Grandma's birthday.  She passed away in 2003, but I know she'll be watching over me.  It's going to be a very, very long day, lol! I fly out at 9am from  my local airport to Seattle, and then from Seattle to New York, and then from New York to London. I arrive in England at 10:40am on the 8th, so it will be about 3am my time when I land.  Wow!  It's times like these I wish caffeine worked on me like it does other people.  It usually just makes me sleepy!  

My sister isn't meeting me at the airport. Instead, she's going to give me directions to meet her at the tube?  I think?  She hasn't been very specific. 

So if anyone sees a very tired, lost looking soul wandering around London, take pity, as it might be me, lol. 

Although, I must say the first thing I know I'll want to do, after I shower off the airport germs, eewww, is go to a pub for some real fish and chips!  Ohhhh, fish and chips!  Really, that's the only reason I'm going to England, don't ya know. 

Well, that and the Sherlock Holmes museum.  :-p

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to seeing my sister, much as I rather dread the two of us in close proximity for more than a few hours.  I think we'll have fun!  Now that she's got over the Poland trip, I hope it will go smoothly.  

Anyway, I'm packing my bag today, even though it's a bit early.  My mom is leaving for California on Sunday, and she has a bunch of stuff she got for my sister, so I'm carrying it over for her.  That means she wants to pack it all up for me, so my suitcase will be all ready to go on Saturday, lol.  Oh, goodness!

I'm so excited!!

I can see!

Feb. 28th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Or, I will be able to, when I get my new glasses in!  No contacts for right now, as I couldn't afford both, and I hadn't realized how off my perscription was until I could actually see again!  However, he did put them in my eyes so I could see what they are like, and he said if I do decide to get contacts, they would only be for partial wear, as with my job staring at a computer for over 8 hours a day they wouldn't work out.  

For those of you who wear contacts, my hat is off!  It didn't hurt or anything, but wow, that was weird!  I think they would be good for when I want to dress up and show off my eyes, but otherwise I don't think I would wear them very much, lol.  Still, I like that I have the option.

I like my new frames, they're fun and pretty at the same time.  And I'll be able to see!  Apparently, my astigmatism went from diagonal to vertical. Not sure how that happened, lol.  

Still working out plans with my sister.  She apparently told my mom she wants to go to Poland for 4 days?  I'm not sure how excited I am about that idea. On the one hand, it would be great to see if we could find any family who lives over there still, or at least what happened to them in WWII.  On the other hand, I only have 10 days, 9 with the day lost to traveling, and I want to meet a lot of you and just relax and have fun. Soooo... I'm not sure. I may have to tell her next year!  Or maybe shave it down to 3 days.  We'll see.  Plus, I have to be able to afford it, and money is going to be a little tight as is.  I won't have a whole lot to spend, but I'll have enough to buy some trinkets, pay for transport, and dinners out.  I'll have more information the closer I get to going over.  OMG, I'm so excited!

Also, I've been trying to work out every day.  I know it's not a kick ass workout, but I figure a little is better than nothing.  So my goal is to lose 10 pounds before I go over, because I doubt there's any way I can lose the 30 that I really want to.  Still... I'm working on it!  

I'm still torn between if I want to cut my hair. I think it's cute the way it is, but I can't do much with it. And I really like how I look in a bob.  So I'll think on it a bit more and decide mid March what I want to do.  That way I can either just get it trimmed or get it cut before I go over.  

Still dealing with writer's block. Urgh! It feels like all my creativity went down the drain. I tried to write this weekend and just kept deleting everything.  Sigh. 

Take care all!  *Hugs*
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Hi, all!  I'm sorry I've been quiet lately.  I'm trying not to let pain and depression get me down, and I think I'm starting to climb back up from that hole I was in for a while. 

I went to a sci-fi convention last weekend and had a really good time. I think it helped that I wore my belly dance costume both days, and received so many compliments.  Considering that I weigh more than I am comfortable with, it really made me feel good to have so many people, both men and women, tell me I looked sexy and hot.  I even got felt up a few times, lol!  Both with my consent!  Also, I even got a kiss!  Heeee!  Nothing is going to come of it, but it was nice to flirt and be sexy for a while! 

It was fun, being with people who accept me for who I am, and it reminded me how isolated I became when I went to work from home.  I still like working from home, but I'm really going to try and make sure I get out more and spend time with people.  

I got my vacation time approved at work, so all that is worked out. The only snag I've encountered is that my plane from England is coming in so late to Seattle that there aren't any flight to my hometown until the next day. Gar!  That means I either have to spend the night in the airport, or get a cheap hotel so I can get a few hours sleep before going back to the airport, and yuck!  So I have to see if I can figure it all out and make things work. I may end up catching a later flight on the day after I get back to the sates, and then taking the day after off.  I really want a day to recover from flying and airports and to just spend with the kitties.  

I'm really getting excited about going to England, looking forward to seeing my sister again and some of you all who I've never met in person!  I'm also getting nervous!  Usually flying doesn't scare me, but with long trips, I keep thinking, "Well, wouldn't it suck if the plan crashed!"  So I'm trying not to think about the bad stuff, and just concentrate on the good bits.

I have been searching for a new job, and found one that looked like it would have been really fun, but because it was through the VA center an the person in charge wasn't in, I think I probably missed it.  I'm not too disappointed, because I don't think the timing would have worked out, but I am going to be getting a lot more serious when the trip is over with.  

I'm trying to work on a few stories but my brain seems to have fizzled out.  I owe two people auction stories, which I am trying to get down, and some fills from a Sherlock Holmes community I'm on. There's one story, I call it the angry story, that I really want to finish, but it's very emotionally draining, so I have to give myself enough time to recover form it, lol.  

[livejournal.com profile] forcryinoutloud , [livejournal.com profile] elayna88 , Thanks so much for the gophers!  You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much!  

*Hugs to you all*  My flist rocks!


Jan. 31st, 2011 10:55 pm
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I did it!  I just bought my plane ticket!  I'm set to fly to England on April 7th, departing April 17th.  It doesn't seem long enough!  If anyone is interested in meeting up with me, I'll be staying in London with my sister.  I have no problem with traveling outside of London, though, I would just need very, very detailed instructions, lol.  Seriously, my sense of direction is absolutely horrible!  

Anyway, I'm getting excited!  Now I just have to renew my passport and I'll be all set to go!  

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Hello, all!

This past weekend kind of sucked, but I think it's getting better.  I've had a migraine, stomach ache and back ache the past few days, thanks to the weather going from one extreme to the other.  Every time the air pressure changes I feel it!  

On Friday my mom's pug finally died.  The poor thing was on its last legs, and she was going to have him put down on Saturday, but he decided to go on his own terms and time, and passed peacefully.  Saturday, there was a funeral for a friend's son who overdosed. I didn't know him, but my mom had been his teacher and was just broken.  She really had a wretched weekend!

Hopefully the rest of 2011 will be better.

I went on another date with my friend M, though I'm not sure I should call it a date. He hasn't given any indication that he wants to take things that way, and since I'm fine either way, it doesn't bother me.  I just don't know what to call our time together, lol.  We had dinner at Red Robin and then went back to his place, where he showed me his World of Warcraft and Anime collection.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  embrace the geek!  

If nothing else, I feel comfortable being my own geeky self around him, so it's all good.

I wanted to get some writing down, but have just felt horrible.  Work is only made possible by the copious amounts of Vicoden I have taken, because sitting for too long is just agony.  But hopefully things will settle and I can get my mojo back.  I have two stories I'm writing for the Australia flood auction, one Sherlock BBC and one SGA. Also, I'm working with [livejournal.com profile] enkiduts on a story, and I have to get my section done.  I have a start on it, but haven't been really able to work on it in a while.  Hopefully that will change, as well.

What else is going on?

I saw the King's Speech.   I loved it!  The acting was brilliant, the story lovely in it's simplicity, and the fact that it was based on real events just made my little historian heart sing.  Definitely one to buy when it comes out.

Also saw Tangled, way back at the beginning of the year, and loved it, as well.  Haven't really seen anything else, though I'm hoping to drag M to see Green Hornet this weekend.  Nothing else looks really good out there right now.  

Oh, one other thing.  I'm working on getting my plane ticket to England, but OMG, the taxes are ridiculous!  The plane ticket itself is only about $400, but the taxes they apply are over $400!  Seriously, it's crazy!  I don't want to pay $800, with over half of that taxes!  So I'm hoping my sister can work her magic and find me a good deal, otherwise I'll just have to bite the bullet and purchase it now. 

Anyway, that's about my life in a nutshell. 
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My sister is leaving in September for England, where's she going to be attending Kings College.  I'm hoping that, barring any catastrophes or other unknown illnesses, I'll be able to go visit her around March.  I have the vacation time for it, about 12 days, so I figure 10 days to explore and enjoy.  I fully intend to do a lot of wandering, and hope to get to France and Scotland, though that might be pushing it a bit, lol.  She's probably going to be busy with classes, depending on the time I go to visit, so is anyone interested in meeting up for lunch or something?  I really want to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum, and check out Baker Street, because I am that much of a geek. 

Also, just to meet up with some of you from my flist would be great!  Maybe a mini-Holmes moot?  We can totally geek out together!

Anyway, nothing is definite yet, I still have to wait and work out details with sister.  But I'm getting excited just thinking about it!  Time to really start saving and being frugal. 
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Wow! It's hard to believe that my time in the Shire is almost done. But yesterday was a wonderful day, with lots of sightseeing and many, many pictures.
Liza and I went to Bath, while poor Lesley stayed behind to unpack and recover from her honeymoon and preparing to go back to work.
The drive up was just spectacular, and we found parking rather quickly. Liza and I were in wonderful luck, becuase as we were crossing the park that was just off the parking lot, we saw a city tour bus, and hopped on. It didn't cost very much, and they took us to see several sights.
Then we went to the Roman baths, and that was absolutely astounding! All that history, amazing and beautiful. We spent probably three hours wandering around, taking in the sight and listening to the little commentary tour that we had. It was brilliant!
Also, to think that the water in the baths was the same as it was so many thousands of years ago! It just blew my mind.
Like I said, I took so many pictures that I filled my memory card up, lol!
After the baths, we got ice cream, then took the tour bus again and got off right where we started. We then went to Aveburry (spelling?) and saw the standing stones. Amazing! I couldn't help laugh, however, at the sheep grazing right next to them. Here are these wonderfully old stones, sacred in their time, and were sorrounded by sheep. But in a way it made it that much more amazing. To think that through everything, those stone managed to survive, and were integrated into daily life.
We ate dinner at the Red Lion, which was good food, and then we came back had a relaxed evening. It was a lovely, lovely day.
I'll post more tomorrow, after we get back from Oxford. Take care everyone!
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Well, I am still in the Shire and having a wonderful time.
Monday, Marigold, Lonewolf02, Llinos and I went to Milton Keyens to watch Billy Boyd's latest movie, On a Clear Day. It was a wonderful movie, and we had a fun trip up, trying to decipher directions and manouver around rude lorey drivers. The trip back was quite fun, too, as the map we were trying to follow was a bit out of date, with Marigold and Lonewolf02 in the back trying to give directions with roads that no longer were numbered the same! But we made it back safely, and had a wonderful drive.
[livejournal.com profile] llinos and I went for a wonderful walk on Tuesday, going through different forests and fields. It was amazing, and all the history [livejournal.com profile] llinos was able to tell me was wonderful. Also, seeing all the different trees and herbs and landscapes was breathtaking.
Also, I can proudly say that the two of us defeated the evil and nefarious enemy that was cleverly disguised as a desk. Hahahaha, we figured it out, assembled it, and now it rests, defeated, with [livejournal.com profile] llinos's computer and monitor proudly displayed upon it.
Hey, don't laugh! That thing was truly evil!
Anyway, yesterday I went to watch [livejournal.com profile] lonewolf02 play darts, and had a very pleasurable evening where I became slightly intoxicated, bought a shameful amount of candy for 50 pence, and got a lovely good night kiss from a handsome lad. Can you ask for a better night?
Today I went for a lovely drive with Mr. Llinos, seeing the wonderful countryside, and then had my first chanty. Lemonade beer, now why don't we have that back in the States?
Tomorrow I shall be moving over to [livejournal.com profile] marigold's place to flat sit while she goes off on her honeymoon. Not sure what all we plan to do before we see her off, but I'm certain we shall have a wonderful time.
Well, that is all for now, but I shall update soon. Take care, all, and know that I am thinking of you.
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Hello, all!
Oh, goodness, what a wonderful weekend! Not only did we meet several amazing people, but Sunday we went to the Fellowship Feast, where we sat with John Howe and Daniel Falconer. We talked, drank, ate good food, and had several pictures taken.
Then we went to the ball for an hour, where we danced and danced, and I even danced with Alan Lee, perhaps one of the sweetest men alive.
I got a hug from the King of the Dead, and boogied with Gash the Orc.
Then, Sunday, there was a Q and A with Billy Boyd, then signing. Billy was very nice, and signed not only KnittedPippin's poster for him and shook his hand, but signed a picture for Llinos, Marigold and I.
Poor Liza had to leave early, as her mother is very sick, so please keep her and her family in your prayers.
All in all, it was a magical, amazing weekend, and I wish you had all been there. I will have more to post once I get my brain in working order again.
Take care!
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Today we went to the Fellowship Festival, and oh my goodness it was so fun! We were only supposed to go on Monday, but due to special circumstances, we have been granted the chance to go all weekend.
KnittedMerry and KnittedPippin were with us of course, and were quite popular. He even posed for pictures with John Howe, Alan Lee, Kirin Shaw, Richard Taylor, and Tonia Rodgers.
We got to speak to several people, and just had a wonderful time. We shall be going back tomorrow, and hopefully we'll be able to speak to even more people and get some more pictues.
Oh, I also got a hug from Alan Lee! He is so very nice!
I will post more tomorrow, but for now, let me just say that I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Hello, all! Just thought I would let you know that I am in the Shire right now with Marigold and Llinos, and, wow! I can't believe I'm actually here! My entry wasn't that great, as I was stopped at immigration and threatened with being sent back, but after a few hours it all worked out, and I have been happilly enjoying my time since. We went to Brill yesterday, to see where Tolkien used to sit and think. It was lovely. There was also a horse there that was so sweet and rather...how shall I say this...enamored of both myself and Sam, lol! That or he just really, really loved the apples we gave him.
Tomorrow I am heading out for a bit with Marigold, and then tomorrow evening I am to play darts with Lonewolf02. I am looking forward to it.
Also, the knitted ones are just to cute and adorable for words, though don't tell them I said so. KnittedPippin is very shy and sweet, and KnittedMerry has a very strong personality!
Anyway, just thought I would update. I'll post more tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful day everyone!
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Hello, all! I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be in Europe for a few months (Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!) and that I shall be in both England with Marigold and then Germany with my boyfriend. In Germany I will be in Bamburg, so if anyone lives close, I would love to meet you! Anyway, just thought I would get that squee out of my system. Oh, yeah, I guess I should include the dates, huh? August 21st to Sep 10th I'll be in England, and then from Sep 10th to I don't know when I'll be in Germany.


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