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I hope everyone had a wonderful day today, and to those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!  

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve, once I got over the last minute panic of not having everything done.  The truffles turned out to be chocolate pudding, lol, but the sausage I made turned out really, really good!  My oven, apparently, broke sometime between finishing the cookies and bread, so I had to cook it over at my mom's.  

We discovered JibJab, and sent out a lot of cards, lol.  Then we ate a lot of food, opened presents, and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  I received so many good things, from new pots and pans, to snow boots, to the DVD box set of The Pacific.  Everyone loved their gifts, and it all pulled together.

I am working today, but it's been so slow my mom was able to come over and we ate a late lunch and watched A Christmas Carol.  Then she had to take off to check on the ham she had left to slow cook, and she'll be back in about an hour with a plate of Christmas dinner for me.  I'm still not happy about having to work on Christmas, but at least I'm not on phones, and it's been a pretty good day. 
Take care, all, and all happy holidays!
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As of 6:30pm last night, I finished university. My last final went well, I think, and I'll know my grades sometime next week, but for now, I am done. I don't walk until May, when the graduation ceremony is, but I'm actually glad as it gives me time to save money for the gown and cards and such. I'm not buying a ring or anything. The only ring I ever wanted was for when I graduated Basic Training, and it's enough for me.

I refuse to be depressed about the job front. I only worked 3 hours this week, and haven't heard anything on the jobs I've applied for, but I have enough money to see me through January, and I'm hoping that I'll find something before then.

Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself, I keep reminding myself that things could be much worse. My minor was in History, with an emphasis on the Depression and World War 2. I've read letters written to FDR, begging for clothes and food and money to see people through the winter, and I am thankful I have a roof over my head and food for myself and the cats. If I get desperate, I can always work for Walmart again until something better comes along.

I go in for X-rays on my back on Monday, since it has steadily been getting worse, but I can still walk and live my life almost normally, so I'm thankful I'm not worse. I know there are so many out there worse than me, and that my own situation could be so much worse, so every day I'm allowed to enjoy my cats and my family is a blessing that I don't want to squander with needless worry and fear.

My friend is taking me out for dinner tonight at the resturant her SO works at. Neither one of us is expecting anything from our families for graduation, as money is so tight everywhere, but we figure that we've been helping each other out for the past two years, and now it's time to celebrate our accomplishment! In the end, the only thing that really matters is that we made it, and we worked damn hard. There were a lot of obstacles, but we did it, and that is something worth having a drink over.

I know a lot of you are going through difficult times. That this season is giving people troubles the world over. I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for all of you, and that so long as we stick together, so long as we don't give up, we'll be OK.

My mom takes care of gentleman who's 97 years old. I have dinner with them sometimes and he tells me stories of listening to the fireside chats of FDR and the struggles he went through early in his life. Our world stood together and overcame horrible times, and we can all do the same again. So for everyone out there who's having a rough patch, just remember that things will get better.

Take care of yourselves, all right?
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I got into Texas last night only to find out my dad had a heart attack.  He's stable right now, and there's not much I can do at the moment, especially since he's in Florida.  So, if I'm absent for a while, it's becuase I'm quietly having a breakdown.  I hope you all are well and I'll post again when I get back home.  Right now, I'm just frazzled and kind of overwhelmed.  

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My grandpa was taken out of ICU the other day and seems to be improving.  We're hopeful, which is better than grieving, so I'm all right with that.  Thank you, everyone, for your hugs and good thoughts.  I know I haven't responded to some of them, and I'm sorry.  I'm just a bit overwhelmed with everything.  Take care of yourselves and stay safe. 
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Talked to my sister today, who flew down to visit my cousin at Ft. Sam Houston on the 7th. His fever has cleared up, and they moved him from to a normal ward. He was able to walk a few steps, drink some juice, and was trying to feed himself some jello. He even felt well enough to allow his daughter in to see him, which I know he had been very reluctant to do, since he didn't want to scare her with his looks.
Sister said they will try to start doing the skin graphs soon, but they had to atumputate his fingers from the first knuckle. However his middle fingers remain in tact. I told her to tell him that at least they saved the most important ones, lol.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has been praying and thinking healing thoughts for my cousin. I truly believe this is a miracle. We just hope that he continues on the road to recovery.
Hugs flist!
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My cousin has taken a turn for the worst. If all of you could just keep him in your thoughts and prayers, I would be forever grateful.
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I just found out that my cousin, who has been serving over in Iraq, was injured. He has been flown to Germany, which means that it was probably pretty bad. We don't know the extent of his injuries yet, and I am hoping with all my heart that he will be all right. Please, please, please, all of you, if you could just say a quick prayer for him and his wife and kids, to whatever Gods or Powers That Be that you believe in.
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i just wanted to say to everyone over in London and England that I am so glad you are all right. I know you are all angry, and you should be. I know that this event is horrifying, shocking, and scary as hell. All I can say is that we are all with you, in our thoughts and prayers, and that the only way we can get through this is be sticking together. Hopefully the war will be over soon, and this terror will stop.
Goddess bless all of you, and know that I thinking of all of you. Take care, and keep us updated, all right?
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Before I say this, I want to let everyone know that I have an alternative religion, and therefore if this offends anyone, please stop reading. This is something that happened to me today that is based on my faith, and I don't want to tick anybody off. I do not wish to impinge on anyone's belief, so please, if you do not wish to hear this, feel free to skip.

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