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I'm so sorry I didn't respond to the comments on my last post.  I honestly thought I had, and then when I went to post today, I realized that I had only thought I had.  I promise to be better.

Not really a lot to report.  I've been feeling pretty crummy the past few weeks.  First with a migraine that lasted a week, and now my RA is flaring.  My feet feel like I've been walking all day, every day for a week.  My toes are swollen, and my ankles, and my hands and wrists.  Ugh.  I feel like that blueberry girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Can't I just be juiced so I can move freely again?

There is an antigue show tomorrow I'm going to, which I'm looking forward to.  Last time I went to it, they had a cookbook from WWII that had all kinds of wonderful recipes.  I wasn't able to aford it then, but maybe I'll find a little something tomorrow that won't cost a lot.

Also, my depression has eased up somewhat.  No matter how long I've been fighting it, I stil don't alway recognize when I'm in a bad spell.  I feel like I'm finally coming up for air after being held underwater.  It's kind of nice to be reading and writing and little bit again.

I'm going to see a movie this weekend. I'm leaning toward Ghostbusters, but that may change.  The BFG and Star Trek are also possibilities.  I saw the Secret Life of Pets with my mom and friend last week.  It was cute!

Take care all.
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