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Sacrilege by AtlinMerrick, 2 k, explicit. "Face the other side of the confessional brother John." Dear god John's dreams never go the way they're supposed to though, heaven help him, not for lack of trying. And this one? This one is sending him straight to hell.

Blasphemy by Random_Nexus, 3 k, explicit.( Locked to AO3.) No matter when or where John and Sherlock meet, they are always drawn inevitably together. Priest kink.

The Beast of Baskerville by Mildredandbobbin. 74 k words, explicit. (Locked to AO3.) Priest!Sherlock and John meet up on their way to a village where there have been several mysterious wolf-related deaths. Meanwhile Sherlock rethinks that whole celibacy business.

Ad Meliora  by lotherington, 3 k, explicit. John Watson is a priest undergoing a crisis of faith, Sherlock is a trainee priest who makes it worse. Angst and smut.

All We Ought to Ask by achray, 56 k words, explicit. Period piece with Reverend!John and his intriguing learned neighbor growing closer than John understands at first. LOVELY.

You’ve Begun To Feel Like Home by yalublyutebya (Hearts at Home series), 24 k words, explicit. Sherlock Holmes is everything Father John Watson should probably disapprove of. He’s an atheist, a rationalist, an addict, and gay. But none of those things is enough to stop him from being the most fascinating person John’s ever met.

The Adventure of the Six Painted Virgins by saathi1013, 14 k words, NC-17. Sherlock dons an unusual disguise for a case. John is… interested, but so conflicted.  (Dreamwidth)

Children of the Small Gods by alexxphoenix42, 173 k words, explicit. Magical Regency AU. Brother John meets a mysterious stranger in the temple prayer room one night. The man manages to do something no one ever has before.

The Sacred Bond by ampersand_ch, 42 k, explicit. A series of mysterious deaths among priests puts John and Sherlock onto the trail of an ancient, secret brotherhood. Little do they suspect how deeply their own situation is tangled up with the case. (Priestlock)

Say Yes to Heaven by anunexpectedhero, 3 k, explicit. For Sherlock, the only bright side of having to attend Mass was getting to watch the priest, Father John. From nearly the moment Sherlock reached the age of 18, he hadn't been able to turn his mind away from him.

Forgive Me Father by IamJohnLocked4life, 9 k, mature. Priest kink. Sherlock is 18 and Father Watson is in his early 30’s when Sherlock returns from uni, and comes to visit the confessional. What he has to say crackles over John like heat lightning.

Say Yes to Heaven by anunexpectedhero, 3 k, explicit. For Sherlock, the only bright side of having to attend Mass was getting to watch the priest, Father John. From nearly the moment Sherlock reached the age of 18, he hadn't been able to turn his mind away from him.

Gallant Darling, Pray for Me  by SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John, WIP, explicit. The priests at the seminary school of St. Sebastian’s on the coast of Wales, including Father John Watson, are preparing for a new group of ordinands in the fall of 1926. Father John Watson is not prepared for one of those ordinands to be Sherlock Holmes.

Animal AUs

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Emperor Tales of the Frozen South by cwb, 153 k, mature. (Locked to AO3.) At the bottom of the world, two intrepid explorers make their way in the harshest of environments. An important journey must be taken, and prophecies fulfilled, but not before family meddling, political interference, and self-doubt threaten to alter the future of an entire species. (A penguin AU.)

Regent’s Park Regulars by Basingstoke, 2 K, teen. This is the fic where Sherlock is not a swan (but he sort of is) and John is not a duck (but really yes) and the two live their lives in Regent’s Park where despite being birds, they live full, adventurous lives. Cracky, with feels.

Scorpion Universe by buttsnax, 5 works, gen to explicit. In the Scorpion Universe, John and Sherlock are gay scorpions living in a terrarium.

No Ordinary Cats by philalethia, 8 k, gen. Mrs Hudson adopts a cat called Sherlock, who soon becomes bored being an only cat. So she tries to find a friend for him. Silly little AU in which Sherlock and John (and Mycroft) are cats.

A Study in Squawking by Castiron, 27 k, teen. The autobiography of Sherlock Holmes, intelligent macaw, as told (under duress) to a therapist.

The Horse and his Doctor by khorazir, 129 k, teen. Invalided after a run in with a poacher in Siberia, veterinary surgeon John Watson finds it difficult to acclimatise to the mundanity of London life. Things change when a friend invites him along to a local animal shelter and he meets their latest acquisition, a trouble-making Frisian with the strangest eyes and even stranger quirks John has ever encountered in a horse.

Eighteen Letters to a Name by columbine_and_asphodel (onlycrooks), 48 k, teen. The horse!AU no one asked for but got written anyway.

What To Do With An Atypical Animal Within by AlexKingOfTheDamned, swimsalot, 7 k, explicit. Potterlock. Sherlock is determined to be an animagus. But what happens when it isn't a fox or a horse or a dog he's turning into?

John Watson and the Curse of the Were-Kitten by ChrisCalledMeSweetie, 2 k, gen. It keeps showing up at 221b once a month, the small black kitten with aquamarine eyes. Sometimes John thinks he might have dreamed it.

Dog Days by All_I_need, 101 k, explicit. John has an accident in the laboratory of the Baskerville military facility. While they wait for the scientists to find a solution, he and Sherlock must re-examine the nature of their friendship as they navigate daily life and the Work, all while trying to answer the truly important questions: Is it okay to pet your flatmate if he happens to be a dog at the moment? And how exactly do you beg a self-professed sociopath for cuddles

A Wizarding Barista's Field Guide to Seducing a Muggle by paradigmfinch, 29 k, teen. (Coffee shop AU, Potterlock.) To help pay for Healing tuition, John Watson gets a job at a coffee shop in Muggle London, where he soon sets his sights on a particularly gorgeous customer. John's seen plenty of Muggle films. How different can it really be to woo a Muggle?

Were it Well by merelypassingtime, 7 k, gen. When moving in with the world's only consulting detective John is concerned he won't be able to keep his secret. Turns out he need not have worried.

Sherlock is Flaming

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Straight Boy Pain by Glenmore, 18 k, not rated. Sherlock is in pain. Billy Kinkaid, the Camden garroter and best man Sherlock knows, diagnoses it. Ademar Silver, a male prostitute in south London, attempts to treat it. Lestrade, kindly Detective Inspector of New Scotland Yard, doesn’t notice it. Eventually, John Watson, healer and registered medical doctor, cures it. And a beautician called Penny paints Sherlock’s toenails.

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction, 151 k, explicit. Sherlock goes undercover working as a bartender at a hip club to catch a serial killer. John plays a bouncer and tries to keep up with Sherlock’s antics. Good plot but warnings for violence.

What to do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal by hyacinth_sky747, 58 k explicit. This work is divine silliness. Through a stream of consciousness from Sherlock ostensibly writing in a diary, we see the lives of John and Sherlock as they build a relationship together amidst the insanity that is John and Sherlock.

Time on my hands by Mildredandbobbin, 7 k words. Sherlock decides to experiment with his sexuality, and discovers gay bars. When John finally moves back into 221b, and discovers that Sherlock is picking up men for sex, he can’t not offer to be one of them. (Locked to AO3 members.)

Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name by wordstrings, 15 k, explicit. Sherlock solves crimes, loses himself, comes back again, and all the while John prays that he never comes to his senses. (Part of the Paradox series.)

The Art Of Seduction: A Study In Pulling by flawedamythyst, 25 k, mature. AU in which Sherlock treats sex like he does crime in canon. Inspired by Queer As Folk UK, but it very quickly went its own way.

Blond Barista Seeks Dashing Ballet Dancer: Inquire Within by prettysailorsoldier, 43 k, explicit. Between classes, his job at a local cafe, and being captain of the rugby team, John Watson's life is plenty stressful enough without the addition of a mysterious ballet dancer he can see through the windows of the dance studio across the street, but, somehow, he can't bring himself to mind.

Long Plotty Case Fic

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Castle and Sand by grey853, 158 k, explicit. Sherlock is an ex-drug addict with a very checkered past. John is a vet from special ops with PTSD nightmares and flashbacks. Much unfolds as they decide to commit, plan a wedding, and inform everyone of their new status.

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie, 152 k,explicit. After he separates from Mary, John returns to Baker Street. Following a request for help from Sherlock's cousin Violet, the detective and his blogger take a trip to Edinburgh. John discovers more about the Holmes family and Sherlock than he bargained for, but tries not to run screaming.

Raison d'être by AmphigoricSymphony, DemonicSymphony, 148 k, mature. The missing months of His Last Vow, starting from Sherlock dropping in John's arms at 221B and carrying through the months of Hospital he endured. This is a study in emotional and physical trauma, striving to stick as close to the cannon plot as possible. Please heed the H/C tags here.

Kintsukuroi by sussexbound (SamanthaLenore), 91 k, explicit. Sherlock simply tells John he loves him one day. It takes John a bit longer to reply.

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction, 151 k, explicit. Sherlock goes undercover working as a bartender at a hip club to catch a serial killer. John plays a bouncer and tries to keep up with Sherlock’s antics. Good plot but warnings for violence.

The Thing Is by TSylvestris, 56 k, explicit. A relationship of convenience flows into a real one between John and Sherlock. Lots of angry, kinky sex, some tender moments, and the fact that Sherlock neglects to tell John he had them married without his consent are things to be navigated. 

To Light Another’s Path by beautifulfiction, 128 k, explicit. Teaching John to observe seems to be a losing battle, but when Sherlock falls ill and submits himself to John’s care, will he realise that there is more to life than the science of deduction? Meanwhile, there is a murder to solve, and John must try and convince Sherlock not to sacrifice his own health for the sake of the case.

Thirst by bittergreens, 122 k, explicit, When John realizes he has feelings for Sherlock and decides he must keep those feelings secret at all costs, the resulting tension might bring Baker Street to the ground. Case fic, smut, some violence.

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I'm sorry that this is so late, the links were really slow to appear tonight. Right now I'm waiting for the uploads to finish, as soon as they're up I'll get these posted.

I've been going through comics and getting them bagged and boarded for sale. I dropped off my Hulk comics tonight at my local comic book store for them to price and let me know if they want them. Fingers crossed they'll want them.

I have the MP4, and MKV files for you this week. They're almost finished uploading. Once they're done, just follow the links below and then click to download.

Supernatural 14.19 - Jack in the Box MP4 File

Supernatural 14.19 - Jack in the Box MKV File

Hope that everyone is doing okay. I'll check back in tomorrow. :)

*hugs you hard*

S4 Fix-it fics

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The Pieces that Fall to Earth by Itsallfine, 49 k, mature. Epistolary fic that picks up after s4. John is reeling with his loss, and struggling with alcohol abuse, anger management, and therapy as he raises his daughter. Sherlock hovers at the edges hoping so much that John will let him into his life. It helps that John finally decides to come out.

(Never) Turn Your Back to the Sea by DiscordantWords, 37 k, mature. A very believable mop up after the end of s4. Everything is different now. Sherlock deals with a flat gone unfamiliar, a sister he didn’t know he had, Mycroft, the work, and of course John and Rosie. Always.

If Equal Affection Cannot Be by blueink3, 31k, explicit.  Rosie grew up thinking that Sherlock died when he committed suicide in front of her father by jumping from Barts' roof.  So it's somewhat awkward when they run into each other in a Sussex general store between the loaves of bread and the Mars bars...

A Case for Domestic Propinquity by SilentAuror, 32 k, explicit. As Sherlock and John renovate Baker Street with Rosie underfoot, Sherlock can’t help but wondering how he could possibly convince John to just stay indefinitely…

There’s Always Three of Us by Itsallfine, 1.7 k, teen. Sherlock takes John and Rosie out to Angelo’s and gets a chance to correct the biggest mistake of his life.

To Keep Quiet by Salambo06, 11 k, explicit. Four days. In the end, that’s all it takes for Sherlock to accept the fact that there is a chance John might be feeling just as desperate for more as he is.

Just One Condition by Itsallfine, 2 k, teen. John gets some sense knocked into him by one Martha Hudson, resident sassmaster. Maybe it's time to move back into 221b after all.

Dear Sherlock: The First 30 Times I Loved You The Most by wendymarlowe, 1 k, mature. Written because I have some serious feels about the end of S4.

Repentance by LollipopCop, 19 k, explicit. John cannot understand why Sherlock even wants to look at him after the horrible way he acted, and his guilt is destroying him. Why doesn’t Sherlock snap at him, scream at him, treat him the way he deserves?

Evolve by All_I_need, 4 k, gen. "How long do you need me to wait?"

WW I and WW II Era Fics

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Bring Me Back To Life by yalublyutebya, 51 k, explicit, WWI AU. Sherlock and John meet in a psychiatric hospital during the war. John is intrigued by this amazing, beautiful man. Together they find healing despite the many obstacles in their way.

Bury the Bells by unknownsister, 71 k, explicit. Historical fic – set in WW I era. Parade’s end inspired universe.  Sherlock and John hurt so good pining for each other until the eventual happy ending. Great historical love story laced with angst!

Long Ago and Far Away series by lotherington. 27 works, gen to explicit. Historical AU of Sherlock and John set in WW II era. The two must overcome their own shortcomings, an on-going war, and the fear of being caught with the love that dare not speak its name. Somehow, in secret, a beautiful relationship flourishes between them.  Sex and love and building a life together. Each fic takes its title from a song.

Angel with a Fiddle by Remy_Writes, 10 K, explicit. (WW I era.) On the night before John is set to ship out to Germany, he goes to a Carnival with his mates and meets an amazing young man. Oh, be still my beating heart. This was gorgeous! Sherlock as an itinerant fiddle player was fabulous, and John the young soldier was perfect as always. All thumbs up for a gorgeously romantic tale!

One Night In Paris by orphan_account, 6 k mature. A young army doctor spends a night in Paris with a gorgeous civilian and is reminded that there are other things to live for than war. Set in 1917 France, during World War One.

Shelter by MerKat 2 k, explicit. WW II, historic AU. The air raid alarms force two men into a shelter, and each other's arms.

Enigma by Khorazir, 149 k, mature. It’s the autumn of 1941, and war is raging as the cryptographers at Bletchley Park work feverishly to decode their enemies' encrypted communications. One should consider this challenge enough for capricious codebreaker Sherlock Holmes. But the true enigmas are yet waiting to be deciphered: an unbreakable code, a strange murder, and the appearance of Surgeon Captain John H. Watson of the Royal Navy.

One Night in December by Holly Sykes (Artemis8147), 126k, explicit,  London, 29th December 1940, 8 pm. The London Blitz reached its nadir with the bombing of the City of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet as the flames blaze and roar all around them.


The secret patient  by PlainJane, 17 k, explicit, WWII, the Italian campaign. Dr. John Watson is left behind at a lonely chapel with a mysterious patient who cannot be evacuated with the rest of the field hospital, due to his injuries. John is fascinated by the man and his tales...or perhaps there is more to it than that.

Rosethorne by suitesamba, 98 k, mature. John Watson, WWII army doctor, is injured in the line of duty and can no longer wield a scalpel. Sherlock Holmes, Britain's best code-breaker, is side-lined by his own devastating injury. In a work inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden," the two men must find meaning and purpose in a world which seems to have taken away all they hold most dear. But of course, it really hasn't.

We'll Meet Again by isitandwonder, 29 k, explicit. London during WW II: Doctor John Watson has a hot, anonymous brief encounter with a beautiful stranger during blackout. But they get interrupted. Will they ever meet again?

69 Sex Position fic recs

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Stairway to Heaven by BeautifulFiction, 3 k, explicit. There was a very logical explanation for the fact that Sherlock was lounging on their bed in sheer black stockings, a lacy suspender belt, and nothing else.

Midnight Plowboy by weeesi, 5 k, explicit. When John finds Sherlock’s stash of vintage gay porn stories, he doesn’t tease him at all.  He finds Sherlock’s favorite and offers to act out one of the scenes. Sherlock couldn’t be more in love. (Locked to AO3.)

Fifty Good Reasons by mistyzeo, 53 k, explicit. A series of erotic vignettes between Sherlock and John.

It's Not Decent by pennydreadful, 1.9 k, explicit. Sherlock gets John to try out a new sex position: in the middle of the day!

Between Breaths by avawtsn, 4 k, explicit. Sherlock finds out how much he likes choking on John's cock. Unabashed PWP.

Booted by Sexxica, 1 k, explicit. John and Sherlock have been kidnapped, handcuffed, and stuffed together in a car boot. How come they can never take these situations seriously?

Cap’n Jack and Blacklock: A Pirate Honeymoon by PlainJane, 23 k, explicit. John and Sherlock embark on a tropical honeymoon in Belize. Naturally, Sherlock can't just enjoy the sand and surf.

Doctor Watson's Hiccup Cure-All by rinwolfe, 10 k, explicit. Sherlock has the hiccups and REFUSES to go to the crime scene until they stop. Doctor Watson has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Soixante-Neuf by doodle, 1 k, explicit. Shameless 69 PWP, established relationship.

Your Name Tattooed Across My Heart by WhichWolfWins, 1 k, explicit. John didn't understand how they always managed to get into positions like these. Or, the one with the morning blow jobs.

Bear Necessity by Vulgarweed, 5 k, explicit. Set in that big ol' West Virginia farmhouse in Bone-Fiddle-verse, on a wintry night. The 1970s were probably the last decade that anyone could have sex on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace unironically. You decide if Sherlock and John managed lack of irony or not.

Every Bad Boy Loves a Sailor by Vulgarweed, 10 k, explicit. Bone Fiddle-verse, Appalachian AU. On a lazy, rainy Sunday morning, Sherlock tells John a smutty and (mostly) true story. John's got some mixed feelings about Sherlock's promiscuous past, but he can't deny what hearing about it in lascivious detail does to him - especially now that he's the only one safely naked in bed with him.

Putting Up Shelves by iriswallpaper, 4 k, explicit. (Sherlock/Chippers.) Sherlock stood on the pavement with a bloody nose as he watched John and Mary drive away in a cab. He’d been in three restaurants that night but he still hadn’t had a bite to eat - and he was famished. He finds a new chip shop that opened while he was away and the proprietor is only too happy to satisfy Sherlock’s hunger.

All Laced Up and Nowhere to Go by lockedin221b, 2 k, explicit. Sherlock convinces John they should dress in drag. They go down from there.


Ghosts & Johnlock

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The Haunting of 221B Baker Street by earlgreytea68, 10 k, mature.  In which Sherlock is a ghost. (Major character death of course.) Sherlock is dead, but haunting John. He can’t let go. Post Reichenbach fic – with angst, feels, and even some spectral sexytimes. An interesting combo. Thumbs up!

Most Ghosts Are Idiots by GoldenUsagi , 18 k, teen. The one where Sherlock is already dead but hits it off with John anyway. John returns from Afghanistan later than he did in canon and rents a long vacant flat in Baker Street. But it has a few problems, he discovers, namely the ghost of Sherlock Holmes! (Major character death.)

Final Hours by bendingsignpost, 7 k, teen. (Ghost story, major character death.) Sherlock Holmes has waited on the other side for quite awhile for John to join him. Finally, that day has come.  Angsty and more bro’s than romance, but still touching and sweet

The Afterlife of Doctor John H. Watson by flawedamythyst  31 k, gen. This is an ACD Holmes and Watson fic. (Major character death.) After John is suddenly struck down by a stroke, his ghost is unable to let go, lingering to haunt Sherlock Holmes. This was super sad as Watson spends years observing Holmes without being able to contact him before he catches the knack of it. Well written with lots of ACD canon explored, but Oh my heart, the angst was high!

The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes by MapleleafCameo  - 25 k, explicit, John is a ghost haunting Sherlock’s holiday home. Sherlock is determined to discover who and what John is. Ghost/not ghost, ancient prophesy, witches, and spells. Very interesting  … Check it out.

the shape of the shadows that detach from the walls by wendlaa, 13 k, explicit. John and Sherlock never met so Sherlock ends up as one of the serial suicide victims. This is not the end however as Sherlock becomes a ghost who meets John later. Eventually a relationship develops. Lots of feelings and angst, but a happy ending.

A Spirit In 221B by bbcatemysoul, 19 k, teen. Paranormal AU. John rents a flat, only to find that it's already occupied by the ghost of a previous tenant.

Blue Pajamas by lookupkate, 17 k, explicit. It never occurred to John's parents that the boy their son talked about was more than a school friend. It never occurred to John that Sherlock was anything but a boy. That's how John ended up, at the age of ten, with what was for all deeds and purposes an imaginary friend. Only he wasn’t imaginary. He was a ghost.

The Light in the Heart by cassyl, 6 k, teen. On holiday in a Scottish castle hotel, John witnesses a murder and meets a very unusual detective. (Major Character Death – but with no sads in it.)

Fourteen Black Pennies by peevee, 7 k, explicit. Two Englishmen, one evil Scottish poltergeist, fourteen corpses and a lot of whisky.

Hist Whist by cassyl, 3 k, mature, In which John adjusts to being a ghost.

All the Voices in Your Head by Atisenia, 19 k, teen. During a case that may or may not involve an angry ghost, John finds himself in a place he never thought he’d have a chance to visit.

A Spirited Companion by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, 3k, teen. In which John is a ghost haunting the skull on Sherlock's mantlepiece.

How to Leave a Haunted House by May_Shepard, 1 k, gen. Unilock. John and Sherlock meet in a haunted house attraction.

On Sleeping with Sherlock Holmes by gaytectives, 7 k ,gen.  “If I freeze to death in the middle of the night, I’ll haunt you,” John mutters. “Glad to know you’ll stick around,” Sherlock jokes.

A Beautifully Frightening Revelation by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for, 6 k, mature. John and Sherlock are investigating an isolated country manor haunted by a mischievous ghost. A series of spooky incidents brings them together in a candlelit bedroom, the night ripe for revelations and facing fears.

Four Funerals (And A Wedding) by Saucery, 1.8 k, mature. Meet John Watson, the world's first consulting psychic detective. And meet Sherlock, his ghost.

Grave Wax by CatieBrie, 6 k, teen. John, John, John. John is here. John is safe. John is going to take away all the pain. Then the world goes black and Sherlock dies. Or, Sherlock solves his own murder.

The Ghost and Doctor Watson  by I Ship an Armada, WIP, explicit. John Watson, recently widowed and financially devastated, insists on moving to the quaint seaside village of Whitecliff-by-the-Sea to get out from under the smothering attentions of his mother and sister. The house he chooses is Gull Cottage, which is haunted by an arrogant, brilliant, but very dead consulting detective who won’t get out of John’s head, and has unfinished business in the world of the living. (Locked to AO3.)

Upon Whom Shall You Call? by may-shepard, 26 k, explicit, (A TAB-verse AU with Victorian Lady Ghostbusters). In the two years since the loss of his friend Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls, John Watson has tried his best to move on. When his maid, Jane, reports hearing noises in the attic of John’s house, he suspects contact from the spirit world and consults four lady scientists, who promise to assist with their groundbreaking technologies.

I Think I've Come A Long Long Way To Sit Before You Here Today by ArwenKenobi, 18 k, teen. One year after John is killed Sherlock starts to wonder whether John has actually gone anywhere.

Keep on Changing by philalethia, 9 k, teen.  “Why would Mary be haunting you?” John didn’t even have to think about it. “Because she’s angry.”

Give It Welcome by Glenmore, 13 k, teen. Rosie Watson is commissioned to write a story about memories of her favourite gifts. Sherlock and John take on a case involving a ghost and a missing girl.

The Master of Latham Hall by Kryptaria, 47 k, teen. Ten years after meeting Sherlock Holmes, John Watson has successfully kept only one secret from the world's only consulting detective: the most important secret he's ever had. Now, drawn into an impossible web of murders at Latham Hall, John learns the terrible price a man must pay for keeping certain things secret.

De profundis by darcylindbergh, 32 k, mature. Sherlock Holmes sees dead people. Which, although not necessarily ideal, has mostly turned out to be fine. Or, it was, until one day he looks up, and sees John Watson.

Congratulations, Mr. Holmes, it's a Ghost! by EventHorizon, Mystrade. 169 k, mature. A punishing storm strands Mycroft in a remote inn where the residents are friendly, helpful, but not necessarily among the living. The one specifically not among the living takes a special interest in their guest and isn't shy about making that fact known...

Touch The Fleeting Chill Of Air by nightmare_kisser, 49 k, teen. Sherlock likes to visit the cemetery. But one day when Mycroft takes him, the ten-year-old boy finds a man sitting on a tombstone he claims is his own marker. And that he died during The Great War. Needless to say, Sherlock makes a friend.

He's Coming To Us Dead by Vulgarweed, 13 k, explicit. (Bone Fiddle series, 70’s AU.) The war is ending and the troops are returning. They do not always mean well. Their loved ones are not always glad to see them. A case straight out of an old folktale has deep repercussions for Sherlock and John.

Where The Ghosts Have Voices by HappyJuicyfruit, 37 k, mature. John has lived his whole life as an outcast. It is only when he meets Sherlock, that be realizes being a freak might not be such a bad thing, and that the curse he has lived with his whole life may be a gift after all.

No Such Thing as Ghosts by thatawkwardfriend, 12 k, teen. Sherlock and John spend three nights in a mansion their client claims is haunted. But they're in no real danger, Sherlock reassures him. Obviously there's no such thing as ghosts . . . although some spooky events might prove otherwise.

Like Gold by redscudery, 3 k, teen. Retirement. Character Death. Sherlock first realizes that something isn’t right when Mycroft makes a disparaging comment about the Halloween decorations.  Mycroft has been dead for twelve years.  (Angst.)

Epiphany by mydwynter, 17 k, explicit. Mystrade. Mycroft and Greg stop to spend the night at an inn on the way to visit Greg’s daughter in Scotland. Sadly, the inn is not as nice  . . . and peaceful as it looked online.

So Closely Allied by J_Baillier, 10 k, teen. She has always been a part of his life but now, she needs to leave. With John in his life now, Sherlock has a reason to demand he be left alone.

Angels, Demons & Mythology

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·       My Life for His by QuinnAnderson, 8 k ,explicit. It began when Sherlock was eight, and he attempted to climb all the way up to the highest branch in the old willow tree in his back garden. He fell, but the odd thing was, he never actually hit the ground.

·       Insatiable by Robottko, 10 k, teen. He is the third child of God, born of sin and earth, forgotten as the man he is. He walks the earth, feeding off pain and destruction, but finding no delight in it. Not desiring human company, Death walks the earth alone, until one day he finds solace in an Army doctor who steals his victims by the dozens.

·       Flesh And Bone All Traveling Home by J_Baillier, 5 k, mature. During a desolate night in Afghanistan, while watching over a dying soldier, John Watson meets an angel of death.

·       Caution (Into the Wind) by GoldenUsagi, 2 k, gen. During a restless walk, John stumbles across a recently summoned demon trapped in a containment circle.

·       Capital H-i-m by cridecoeur, 2 k, mature. The first time John Watson sees Sherlock Holmes, he’s just been hit by a car.

·       The Omega Sutra by Ghislainem70, 275 k, explicit. In an Omegaverse/Angels & Demons AU, Sherlock Holmes has a secret life. John Watson shouldn't want to be part of it. But they’ll go through heaven and hell to keep each other. Johnlock and Mystrade caught up in the eternal battle of angels and demons.

·       The importance of dinner by Azmodel, 1 k, mature. Sherlock is keeping John from getting what he needs, but the doctor will only stand it for so long. (incubus John.)

·       Always Use Pig's Blood by Aris_Silverfin, 3 k, mature. Sherlock Holmes, New London's best consulting detective, summons a Desire Demon to aid in the solving of a murder. Though with Mr. Holmes rampant kink, the demon takes a rather unconventional form.

·       By His Shadow by You_Light_The_Sky, 2 k, not rated. When Sherlock was twenty-two, he let himself by possessed by a demon. The demon never left.

·       Building Gods: A Study In Pink by Dirty_Corza, 8 k, explicit. Sherlock is a demon. John is a demon hunter.

·       I'll Keep You by sherlockian4evr, 2 k, explicit. Sherlock is jealous of John's dates, but he also knows something's not quite right. He figures out John is an incubus and wonders why John hasn't tried to get a leg over with him.

·       Trip the Light Fantastic by EventHorizon, 132 k, mature. Mystrade. Teenlock. Mycroft's need for an escort to the school dance wins him a very surprising candidate when he finds an old book of spells in an abandoned occult shop...

Pater Noster series by manic_intent, 3 works, Mystrade. Good Omens!AU. Mycroft trades favours and requests that Lestrade keep an eye out for his current vessel's little brother. Lestrade begins to suspect that having to babysit the impossible Sherlock Holmes is all just a new stage in the technical if highly one-sided war that he's been waging against Mycroft's influence, an opening salvo from Mycroft against his sanity, maybe.

·       Nice and Accurate Deductions by htebazytook, 3 k, teen. Sherlock drags John to a certain bookshop in Soho. (Good Omens crossover.)

·       The Detective and the Demon by oreganotea, 2 k, gen.  “Every demon on record is described as either monstrously terrifying or breathtakingly beautiful,” Sherlock says. “I have never heard of a demon with a forgettable face and a propensity for ugly jumpers.”

·       god of lunatic geniuses and bad choices  by oreganotea, 2 k, teen. Urban fantasy. When John is sixteen, his Mum tells him that he’s a god. When John is thirty-six, he meets Sherlock Holmes, which is the bigger shock by far.

·       He Could Only Guess at the Sounds From the Old Books by berlynn_wohl, 4 k, explicit. "And what was the very last thing, the most recent thing, written about Sherlock?”

·       Anachronisms by GoldenUsagi, 3 k, teen.  “Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?”  “We’re gods created by an age that had no use for them.”

·       Sympathy for the Demon by trajektoria, 5 k, mature. John has been very careful about hiding his true identity, but some things are impossible to conceal under the watchful eye of Sherlock Holmes. Who, as it turns out, has a few secrets of his own. What will change between them when the truth is laid bare?

·       Sherlock Holmes is a Sex God by wendymarlowe, 1 k, teen. “So what you’re telling me,” John said slowly, “is that you consider yourself a sex god.”

·       Empyrean by Handful_of_Silence, 6 k, gen. When the god of death comes knocking on the door of Baker Street, John offers him tea. They have a lot to discuss after all.

·       Bright Heart by ancientreader, 5 k, explicit. Greek Mythology AU. At the center of the Labyrinth lives a monster — or so it’s said.

·       Living With A Demon by The_Sassiest_Archangel, 97 k, teen. John was shocked to see the strange man who had appeared, holding Little Rosie, asleep with her head on his shoulder.

·       The Road to Hell by Tawabids, 8 k, mature. John is very old, but Sherlock makes him feel young. Then he gets orders from on high: his final task on Earth is to ensure that Sherlock Holmes is damned to hell.

Odin must have an alarm clock

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:53 pm
shirebound: (Pippin bonnet)
[personal profile] shirebound
I'll be taking care of my sister-in-law's cats while she and my brother are on a trip. I'm happy to do it, but I'm not used to catering to the needs of more than one furry personality! Here are the instructions she left me...

For the two indoor cats, Sweetie and Leonard:

* Make sure they have fresh water.
* Split a small can of food between the two bowls in the morning and again in the evening. They each insist on their own bowl, in their own place. Make sure Leonard's is near the kitchen sink and Sweetie's is near the ceramic sheep in the sun room.
* Make sure the dry food bowl always has something in it.
* Scoop the litter boxes and empty clumps into plastic bag. Check the house in case Sweetie's pooped somewhere. She doesn't always use the litter box for poop. If there’s no poop in her litter box, she might like to go out back for awhile.
* Leonard's toys are in the living room. He likes company.
* Brush Sweetie, if she'll let you. If she wants to be brushed, she'll let you know how long to do it. If you stop before she's ready, she might try to bite you, so be careful.

For the five outdoor feral cats:

* Make sure their water is clean.
* Fill the dry food container in the morning and split a large can of wet food between the bowls in the evening.
* Odin gets his own bowl filled separately. You'll know which one is Odin because he'll be staring through the backdoor at 8 a.m., waiting for you to feed him. He likes the food in the purple can.

so many drugs

Apr. 15th, 2019 10:44 pm
seperis: (Default)
[personal profile] seperis
So I was supposd to start those antibiotics like, three weeks ago. Now, legit, I had to wait for the first of April to pick them up as money+time was a problem. is now the fifteenth.
yeah, idk )

okay but

Apr. 15th, 2019 07:28 pm
seperis: (Default)
[personal profile] seperis my defense, it's not so much that a lot's happened is that I am both super lazy and things happened.

In some kind of order:

1.) Saw the ENT and have another appointment after a six weeks of antibiotics and steroids because nasal infections that last this long need the shock and awe treatment.

2.) Saw Captain Marvel and realized there was indeed a hole in my life before it appeared. Seriously, I had no idea there was so much Carol AND MARIA WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS.

3.) Learned to use a neti pot.

Okay, much like evangelists for Diva cups (divangelists?) and The Magicians (magelists?), I think everyone should Neti pot now because this shit isn't woo which was surprising. Interestingly, the most dramatic results were the second or third time and then after several days of use where I could feel the difference. So if you were on the fence, a.) head position will work out eventualy just keep tilting randomly until it works out and b.) try it. Not woo.

4.) Still not interested in Game of Thrones and still wish I could flog up the interest. This annoys me.

5.) My home network has undergone a change for teh better which I will go over at some point, including successful creation of a wireless bridge client that is basically a wifi repeater that took me only three separate tutorials to figure out how to get running using DD-WRT.

random on ddwrt )

This has been a message from Seperis' Network Feelings.

(no subject)

Apr. 15th, 2019 08:40 am
copperbadge: (radiofreemondaaay)
[personal profile] copperbadge
Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways To Give

[ profile] kaitokenji37 is raising money for diabetes medication after recently losing his insurance; it costs $100 for an office visit and around $500 for a 30-day supply. You can Read more and give at gofundme here.

Katy linked to a fundraiser for [ profile] grrlcookery and her partner, who need help to keep their home as her partner's business hasn't had any orders or contracts in the past two months and they are currently facing eviction. They're raising $1500 for two months of rent and food, and also to set up a shed for soapmaking to help earn some extra cash. You can read more and reblog here or give through ko-fi here.

[ profile] phangirlpenguin and [ profile] lookingformonkey are raising funds to move to Florida for a job teaching special needs students in Polk County. You can read more and give at gofundme here.

[ profile] k-pagination is still struggling to get disability benefits and is facing both slow paperwork turnarounds and repeated denials because of the paperwork issue; they're dealing with fallout from their room flooding, and need groceries and other essentials, on top of which their cat needs to go to the vet. They have an updated art shop on Redbubble, a Patreon here, and you can give through gofundme here or paypal here.

Oscar linked to a fundraiser for Rainbow Road, which is doing necessary work in aiding LGBT individuals to escape countries with stringent anti-gay laws such as Chechnya, Syria, and Egypt. Oscar is doing a birthday fundraiser on Facebook where you can read more and support the organization.

Erika's emotional support dog Teyla recently had a malignant tumor removed, and Teyla is doing well, but they need to raise money to cover the vet bills. You can read more and give at gofundme here.

Anon linked to fundraiser for [ profile] deadcatwithaflamethrower and [ profile] drougnor, who are fundraising for rent for their family after Droug lost his job. You can read and reblog fundraising links here, see and purchase jewelery for sale here, or give through her Ko-Fi or paypal. They also have a wishlist here, as a couple of family birthdays are coming up.

[ profile] taraframeconservation's brother Liam has been accepted to the Miami Music Festival's Opera Apprentice Program this summer, which is an opportunity for him to perform at a number of concerts and receive a range of classes in performance; he received a scholarship but needs to make up the extra. They've made it almost a quarter of the way there but still need more help. You can read more and help out here, including hearing Liam sing!

[ profile] whyhellotheregandalf is raising funds for medical costs for the emergency removal of a burst tumor on their dog, Artie (the tumor will continue to bleed and endanger Artie until the surgery can take place). They've been able to get a reduced cost for the surgery, but they're still only halfway there. You can read more and reblog here or give directly via paypal here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

That was pretty disappointing...

Apr. 15th, 2019 04:56 am
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[personal profile] digitalwave
We only got $52.50 for four boxes of books, many of them first prints. I really regret that I didn’t pull my Charles de Lint books to try and sell them on eBay instead. I did rescue a bunch of Disney animation art books, though. I’ll try and get them posted and photographed today. Plus get more comics, and hopefully, jewelry posted as well.

I got pictures of our Denon stereo receiver taken last night. I’ll get them edited and post it for sale today, too. I’m going to try and sell it locally first, I’ll post it to eBay if that doesn’t work. I’m hoping to get about $150 for it, it’s what we paid for it through the estate sale a couple of years ago. It still sells for $500 on Amazon.

I’ve also got jewelry to take to Clothes Mentor to try and sell today. Hopefully they’ll take some of it. No matter what, I’ll keep plugging away at dealing with this mess. We’ve got til Thursday to pay for gas and electric, next week on our auto insurance. That’ll leave our water bill to deal with today to see if I can get an extension on it until we’re paid again.

I’m going to close and try and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Wish us luck, please guys. As always, thanks for listening.

xparrot: WeiLan in the taxi in ep 8 (Guardian)
[personal profile] xparrot
Originally found on Tumblr, Six Sentence Sunday is:

a writing thing where, on Sunday, you post six sentences from an unfinished work. It can be a new fic, a new chapter of a WIP, or even something you’re not sure you’ll ever post.

Shen Wei’s voice was even, calm; but his hand at his side was curled into a fist, just visible under the hanging sleeve of his bathrobe, and pressed tight against his thigh.

"Shen Wei,“ Zhao Yunlan said, and the way Shen Wei snapped to attention, the slight bow of his body towards Zhao Yunlan, as his too-dark gaze locked onto him–it was almost as usual, but not quite; at once appealing and disturbing. Zhao Yunlan cleared his throat, said, "If my being here makes this harder—if it’s really going to be better for you to go it alone, if you really want me to leave, then I’ll leave. I’ll clear out now and keep my distance until it’s all over.”

"It…“ Shen Wei swallowed. "It would be—you have your duties as Guardian, and this is hardly among them.”

"Not what I asked,“ Zhao Yunlan said gently.

Not bad for a 34 year old comic, huh?

Apr. 14th, 2019 02:28 am
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[personal profile] digitalwave
I’m working my way through some of my comics, to either post them for sale on eBay or take to them to one of our local comic stores to see what they could give me. My books are in good shape, I’ve always stored them boxed, with a lot of them bagged and boarded as well. I was working on re-bagging a box of Incredible Hulk comics tonight. They ranged from 1985 through about 1992. Here’s a picture of one of them, from Dec 1985. Not bad, huh?

“Hulk )

We spent today gathering up books to take to Half price books. I’m taking all my Charles de Lint books, my Stephen Kings, Our Jim Butcher Dresden File books, all our Harry Potter books, etc. We’ve got about three boxes of books to take. Tomorrow we’ll start going through our DVDs and CDs to cull them, too. I know we won’t get much for them, that I might make more through eBay, but we need whatever we can make off them right now.

Between med co-pays, prescriptions and having to pay several hundred on our taxes when we usually get a refund we’re really short this month. I got the house payment made and some of the bills but I don’t have what we need to pay our utility, water and auto insurance payments. I’ve got until this Thursday for the $328 for the gas and electric bill and the 24th for the $250 on our car insurance. I’ll call the water company on Monday to see if I can postpone the $199 we owe them until at least another week to give me time to raise the money we need. I’m going to try and get as much as possible posted to eBay and here and hope for the best.

I’m going to be posting our Denon for sale, too. It’s an AVR-X1100W 7.2 4K Ultra HD stereo receiver. It’s from 2014 but is in great shape. I’m hoping we can get about $150 for it. That’s how much I paid for it at an Estate sale four years ago.They’re still listed on Amazon for $494. I hate to sell it but, again, we need the money.

Wish us luck, please. We could really use it right now.

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[personal profile] digitalwave
Sorry that this is so late, I've been waiting on the uploads to finish, as soon as they're up I'll get these posted.

I've been working on fixing broken art links while I've been waiting tonight. There are a lot scattered through my lj in the older posts. I'm replacing as I find them. It's time consuming but nice to go back and look at my work again. I posted a lot of artwork over the years!

I have the MP4, and AVI files for you this week. They're almost finished uploading. Once they're done, just follow the links below and then click to download.

Supernatural 14.18 - Absence MP4 File

Supernatural 14.18 - Absence AVI File

Hope that everyone is doing okay. I'll let you know as soon as I'm finished fixing broken links. :)

*hugs you hard*

Nature stuff

Apr. 10th, 2019 07:44 am
shirebound: (rainbow)
[personal profile] shirebound
When I glanced out the window yesterday evening, my first thought was that I was looking at a huge fire! But it was an unusually vibrant sunset, glowing golden-orange behind big, dark clouds.


I've been busy spreading soil and hand-scattering grass seed over half of our backyard, which is sparse and not at all lawn-like. The nights may still be too cold for the seeds to germinate, but I'll diligently water them and hope for the best. It would be so lovely to have a green lawn for the first time since we moved in! Thankfully, so far the birds haven't been eating the seeds. (I put a plastic scary-faced Halloween pumpkin in the middle of the lawn as a scarecrow, but I doubt the birds and squirrels have given it a second glance.) I'd love so much to lie in a hammock out back where there's GRASS, watching Pippin run about in GRASS and listen to the GRASS grow.

My next project is to enlist my sis-in-law's help in scraping the peeling, ancient paint from around the front door and re-painting the wood a clean, fresh white. Then I need to fix one of the shutters, find out what it'll cost to have the crumbling driveway repaired, weatherstrip a drafty door, plant some flowers, try to cement a few broken bricks back together, clean up piles of branches and leaves left over from last year, sweep up the new-roof-debris in the attic, spackle and paint kitchen ceiling cracks, and.... Whew, I never dreamed that I'd still be fixing the house for two solid years. And don't tell me that houses are never completely repaired! Of course they are. Once I get my list finished, it'll be FINISHED, and NOTHING will ever need fixing again. Yup.

Rough night tutoring

Apr. 9th, 2019 11:10 am
icarus: Snape by mysterious artist (Default)
[personal profile] icarus
Tutoring last night was rough. I had new students and students who'd been with other tutors suddenly switched to me, so my structure for the sessions couldn't be used.

Then my last session... oy vey. An AP US History teacher was behind, so his student needed to be taught US history, from scratch, from WWII to Reagan. At the same time, I had my ESOL student who's trying to take advanced AP Language English, at the same time, I was trying teach the SAT essay to a third student, and we have a new grader who's harsh-yet-vague in his comments, holding high school students to a college standard. That isn't how you help young writers, and I couldn't get across how these comments were Not At All Helpful.

The session was a disaster, I was upset, and I had to admit -- I couldn't do it. I haven't felt this incompetent in a long time.


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